3 Month Old HATES Tummy Time

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name - February 24

he wont lift his head up, even tho he CAN, he just wont. he'll squirm and rub his face in the playmat and cry bad. he hasn't had as much tummy time as the average baby b/c of his acid reflux, but he hates it so bad and i hate to hear him cry so i go ahead and pick him up. but it worries me, i don't want him to fall behind. any suggestions? like i said, he CAN lift his head up but he WONT. i'll get in front of him on the floor and sing & talk to him or put toys right there and he still cries


cors1wfe - February 24

You know I sit here trying to think back to my last 2 when they were babies and for the life of me I can't remember putting them on their tummies on purpose - I have been out of the loop as my youngest is now 4 I may very well have been told about tummy time but it seems so long ago I don't remember - both of my boys are just fine now - while I held them over my shoulder they were both very good with moving their heads. how old is he now? I say so long as he can lift his head it's probably ok that he's a little stubborn right now. I think our little ones kind of freak out when we want them to do something new...oh do you have a boppy? if he can't really roll around you might be able to prop him on on his boppy and it might make him feel more comfortable - I do remember doing that with both of my boys - they liked being propped up - if you don't have a boppy you can roll up a bath towel and do the same thing


kim d - February 24

you know, i was really bad at giving tummy time, but when i did he'd either just lay there, like yours, with head mashed into the playmat or bawl his eyes out. as soon as my baby learned to roll over he was a pro at tummy time and made me wish id not spent so much time berating myself for not giving him tummy time. i personally wouldnt worry too much, he'll learn when he gets stuck on his stomach!! and besides if you ever hold him up on your chest and whatnot its kinda the same as tummy time.


name - February 24

thanks ladies. he's a pro when it comes to holdin his head up while sittin up or on my shoulder. when i'm holdin him and he's layin back, he'll do a sit up and bring himself all the way up by his self (and sometimes forward lol)


docbytch - February 25

Name my boy hated it too. He is strong as an ox regardless. He did exactly what your boy does....but now he is seeming to like it better. His physical development is not behind in any way. You could perhaps try stripping him down to a onesie so his barefeet and legs provide better traction.


JessC531 - February 25

My dd (6.5 m) always hated tummy time - still does, but not as bad. I'd just put her down for a few minutes at a time lots of times a day. I'd also put the boppy pillow under her chest, and she'd tolerate that a little better. Good luck!


sa__symama3 - February 25

I think those boppy pillows are the best thing since sliced bread - they have so many uses!


name - February 25

well puttin a boppy under him doesn't help b/c he slides down it, but since he's got TERRIBLE acid reflux, i've let him sleep in that mug, even tho they say not too. thanks everyone


ChannY - February 26

For me, I never do tummy time with my dd. I don't know how you guys can do that but for me I didn't do that with mine. I usually hold her or else put her down on her back and talk to her. lol I was only 18 back then and didn't know much about the whole tummy time stuff. I'm always holding her.


margie - February 26

my dd doesn't like it either...she is a very mentally active little girl and she gets bored very easily unless she is being stimulated, if there isn't anything fun for her to do laying on her tummy she just wont do it. she drools and smushes her face in the mat....but i havent tried a boppy yet, i wish i had gotten one of those things at my baby shower they sound like magic! i may have to make the investment and get one



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