3 Month Old Rejecting Breast Milk

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desiree - June 17

Hello all the mommies out there. Please tell me if anyone has had this experience. My son was unable to latch at birth even with lactation consultants, nurses ect. helping us. I was determined that he get my br___t milk no matter what, so I've pumped my milk for three months now. He also received about 1 bottle of formula per day. this seemed to be fine but he really spit up alot. Then he began to fuss badly during his feeds. Being such a calm no fuss baby I was very concerned. Dr. said possible acid reflux burned his throat making it painful to eat. It continued, baby was hardly eating for a few days. Dr. suggested soy formula. Well, my son drank the soy with NO fussing and No spitting up or vomiting. he is so happy, but I am miserable. He is refusing br___t milk, and the bit he will take he spits it up, as usual. Could this be an allergy? Is soy milk O.K. and nutritious? I know br___t is best but he won't take it anymore. I planned to pump for him for 6 months at least, now I have to stop and the work it was to pump than feed was worth it. It seems to bother his tummy. Anyone else??


me - June 18

My son won''t latch too even with lactation consultants at my hospital. was so upset i was in tears.. So, like you i pumped and fed him what was supposed to be best for him... my milk. but cos i had no way to bring my pumped milk out and heat it for him when hungr, he had a bottle of formula when we're out. I tried feeding from the b___st too every day.. yes EVERY day!! It's so tiring as he'll scream and fuss. then finally!! one day when he's 5 wks old, he took the b___st! and took it for abt a week. then completely refused it again.. I am so miserable what did i do wrong?? So i continued to pump.. then yesterday, he took and spit up my milk in such large amt that scared me. didn't take much so i panicked and brought him to the doc. turns out that I am sick and taking medication that change the taste of my milk. I've checked w my gynae and the meds i take are safe for b___st feeding but apparently not b___stfeeding friendly. I really want to stop this meds asap but as i am the primary caregiver, i am more worried abt making my baby sick. I really hope this won't sabotage my efforts to b___st feed him. good luck to you!


krm - June 20

I read something that mentioned possible milk allergy. I am concerned because my husband was allergic to milk (his mother's inlcuded). Anyway back then they told her not to b___stfeed...however I recently read that you can b___st feed even a baby with milk allergies...but you have to adhere to a non-dairy diet yourself. I don't remember where I read it, but Google it, I'm sure you will find the info. Of course my baby's not due til October...but he will be the only thing in life that's come between me and cheese!


S - July 10

Hello ladies, I have a 2 week old baby and he is already refusing my brestmilk. At first in the hospital he lached on pretty quickly but only onto one side. He wouldn't go on the other one and because of that he wasn't getting enough milk. The lactation consultant told me to supplement with Enfamil A+. I was putting him on my b___st as long as I could and then giving him expressed milk and then if he was still hungry I would give him formula. Slowly he stopped even taking my b___st and now he only takes expressed milk once a day and even that he doesn't drink as happily as he does formula. I think he is reacting to the Enfamil because he is really ga__sy and only poops once a day and its not yellow any more its like greenish and has like these white spots in it and he cries a lot because his tummy hurts.(sorry for being graphic hehe) What formula should I put him on to relieve him of this? I am taking him to the pediatrician tomorrow hopefully she will be able to tell me. Just to try out something different, I brought Enfralac Regular it has less iron. Should I wait until I see the doctor or is it ok to just try it out? I gave it to him just now and he drank it happily and fell asleep. Please help.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 10

If you are going to do formula only, I would suggest Enfamil Lipil with iron. It is the closest to b___stmilk out of all the formula there is. If he gets constipated maybe talk to the doc about enfamil lipil low iron. Also try some mylicon drops. They work wonders!



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