3 Month Old WILL NOT Nap

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HannahBaby - January 25

I am so frustrated. My son is 3 months old and WILL NOT nap during the day!! I try all day to get him to take a nap and he just wont do it. I also have a 2 year old and NEED for this baby to take a nap! I cant get anything done during the day because i cant leave the 2 year old in the same room the 3 month old because shes a little rough. My house is a mess, IM a mess, I need just a little break through out the day! He will fall asleep in the car sometimes but AS SOON as i turn the car off, hes wide awake. He is such a needy baby and if he falls asleep while nursing he wakes up as soon as i take him off the br___t.....Should i lay him in the crib and let him cry for a few and see if he falls asleep?? Im so confused i dont know what to do. He sleeps all through the night so im thankful for that, i just need a break through out the day


Brandi - January 25

I know how you feel. Evan doesn't nap much either. Sometimes he'll take a 30 min. nap or so, but not all the time. The thing that sucks is he wakes up a zillion times during the night too! I swear this kid has just decided he needs no sleep (I guess Dad and I need none too hehe). I feel for you!


San - January 25

Oh, I feel your frustration on this! Once Hannah hit 3 mths she did the exact same thing. She would sleep beautifully all night long and for taht I was beyond grateful. However I ,as well, have a 2 year old who also decided at the same time that she doesn't need to nap either. Grr. I really don't have any useful advice, sorry, but I can tell you that for the last month and a half or so (Hannah is 7 mths now) she has been napping. Good luck, it will get better!


Rabbits07 - January 25

Have you tried white noise such as a fan or a machine that produces it? Maybe try putting him in his carrier and setting him on top of the dryer while it is on while you sort laundry and get some in the wash (you'll be there to watch him, of course). Also, do you have a bouncy that vibrates or a vibrating baby hammock. I had the vibrating baby hammock when Mason was smaller and he loved it....alot of babies that like cars like the vibrating things. I would suggest trying a combo of the vibration and white noise.


Rabbits07 - January 25

Also, sometimes babies like the vacuum cleaner if they like cars....don't know why, they just do. If he does at least you could get the vacuuming done!


Steph - January 25

I second the white noise! Trev is swaddled for naps and night time, and he has a fan in his room pointed at the wall. If I didn't have the fan on, EVERY little noise will wake him up. When you can tell that he's obvioulsy tired, I'd try swaddling him and then laying him down and patting his tummy or rubbing his head for a few minutes. Good luck! :o)


Steph - January 25

Hahaha!! Rabbits, when Trev was really little and he'd get crying so much that NOTHING would settle him down, so we'd have to vacc_me him!! Within seconds of turing on the cleaner, he'd stop crying and listen intenlty. I read that there is something in the white noise that causes their brain to produce something to relax them...can't remember why or what it is.


sahmof3 - January 25

Nathan (my oldest) needed white noise and a dark room to sleep. He just wouldn't do it otherwise. I had room-darkening shades, but even that wasn't enough. I actually had to put a black garbage bag over the window and then he would nap. He was a bad nighttime sleeper, too. I'm sooo glad those days are behind me!


flower.momma - January 25

I swear by a b__w-dryer. I turn it on, put him in his vibrating chair and he is out. Hope it gets better girl. That truly sucks!


CaliTrish - January 25

Not really an answer to your nap question, but have you tried putting him in a sling or other hand-free carrier? You might be able to get some chores done while your 2 year old naps. I a__sume you've already tried a bouncy and/or swing. My DS started getting like this when he started sleeping longer during the night. It was wearing me out, too. Eventually, I just gave up trying to get him to nap. If he slept, he slept. A couple weeks later, I went back to work, and it became the daycare's problems. He's actually been napping a little longer these days.


christa0120 - January 25

swaddle and swing...Mine will sleep for 3 hours while tightly swaddled and in his cradle swing



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