3 Months Old And Cereal

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ry - July 14

Hi, i am sorry i know there is a similar thread but i hate to ask questions on someone else's thread! I am wondering if 3 months is too young to start lo on cereal. She seems so hungry at night and still needs to eat at least every 4 hours through the night, 2-3 hours throughout the day. She is a healthy chubby little girl and i dont really want to give her any more calories if she is not ready for them but my family is telling me she needs cereal. I am not sure what to do...


pbj - July 14

That is a question for ped. Most will recommend that you not start cereal until at least 4 mths. unless medically necessary. If your baby is waking at night to eat try to give her more ounces in each bottle during the day with the last bottle being the largest, however start slowly. Add an 1 or so each bottle and increase over several days to see if she'll eat more per feeding. You will get a lot of opinions on this, I personally do not believe in adding cereal to a bottle, cereal should be fed with a spoon. Many will tell you too that adding cereal makes no difference in sleep at all. When my family told me to add cereal to her bottle, I told them to mind their own business since my dd is their dd.


Kel - July 14

ry, my ped told me I could start my dd on cereal anywhere between 3-4 months. She'll be 4 months on the 24th and we have yet to start cereal (although the past couple of nights she has been waking to eat - which she hasn't done in forever - and have been eating and lately, been average of 30 ounces a day so I'm wondering if she might be ready to start as well. There is a section on gerber's website that will tell you some signs for when your lo might be ready for solids.


AprilMum - July 14

I'm agreeing with pbj - how many ounces does she eat at a time? Everyone was shocked at how much formula my daughter would eat at once (although it really wasn't that much) just because "by the book" she should have been eating less. I would hold off on cereal and just try making bigger bottles. My pedi told us to start cereal at a very young age, but it was for reflux....& we didn't do it anyways, because the reflux formula we put her on helped enough. Ok, I'm rambling now, sorry!


ry - July 14

hi, thanks for your feedback. i b___stfeed but lately feel like she is not getting enough because she wants to feed every hour and a half or 2 hours so i end up giving her a 4 oz bottle of formula a few times a day because i am scared she is still hungry. Maybe its just because my b___stmilk supply is diminishing. She is a big baby and i think thats why they feel she is ready although i really have my doubts. Aprilmum, Bella has reflux too, i give her pepcid ac and gentlease. Sometimes she really prefers the bottle over bf.


AprilMum - July 14

Ah, see if she's got reflux, she may be comfort feeding. We tried the gentlease, but ended up switching to the enfimil a.r. - which actually has rice starch (cereal) in it. It seems to have worked well. We had her on zantac - but now that she is five months old, the reflux is really going away, and she doesn't take medication at all anymore. I think what it all comes down to, is you're her mom, you do what you feel is right! If that means starting cereal early, do it - just don't do it because of pressure from the family.


Bonnie - July 14

Tis is definately a question for the ped or the GI, especially if dealing with reflux. Mason was started at 3 1/2 month but he was already eating 32 ounces of formula and starving, and he was in the 97th percentile. www.gerber.com has some godo info on how to tell when they are ready. But I would speak with your ped first.....be warned though, solids can make reflux worse depending on the kid. Mason went from a silent refluxer to barfing non-stop. The joys!


km - July 14

I gave my son cereal the first time at 6wks and he loved it! I didn't give it to him all the time until he was almost 3mos (he's now 14wks). Now he gets it about twice a day. He's had no gastrointestinal problems with it at all. He's been eating close to 40oz since about 2 1/2mos and the cereal helps him go longer between feedings. He'll have about 2-3tbs rice or oatmeal cereal mixed with juice and formula and sometimes I'll add some baby fruit. He'll still take an 8oz bottle with it. Sounds like a lot but I don't think he's overfed because he's not chubby. I'd suggest you try it out, just with a little, and see how she reacts to it. I know all these doctors have guidelines because they all know from experience/studies but every baby is different and I believe at times we should raise our children by instinct and not by the book.


bbm - July 14

My ds started cereal at 2.5 months. He was also always hungry and very big for his age. The dr. said to use rice only. I added it to his formula and he's thrived every since. The dr. also told me that it's better to give rice than milk because rice is much less fattening than milk. My ds is now 3.5 months and now by suggestion of his doctor, eating rice twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, with a spoon. (the dr. suggested 1 TBS but I give 2). My ds sleeps through the night and has no problems with his stool.



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