3 Mth Old Baby Stopped Pooping Help

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NatashaV - December 3

Hi ladies, My 3 mos dd had very regular poops from day one, for the first 2 1/2 months, every single diaper had poop. It started slowing down a couple of weeks ago to one poop or so a day..apparently that's normal. However! She had a barium swallow to check for acid reflux (they bottle fed her some barium to look at it going through her system on x-ray), and I haven't seen decent poop since! That was over 10 days ago now..she had one little poop 3 days later, but that still means that as of now, she hasn't pooped in a week! Very unusual for her... She also has very bad (smelly and frequent) gas..poor thing. She seems otherwise fairly happy though, so I wonder whether or not her body is "using all of the nutrients so efficiently that she keeps it all" ?? (read this online somewhere). Please help if you know what might be going on, or how to fix it...thanks!


mommybabyboy21 - December 3

is your lo b___st feed only? if she is you have several options open to you, the first is you can increase the free flow foods in your diet, by that I mean eat more peaches, pears, prunes, spinach, etc you know the foods that help unbind adults, you can personally take a stool softener, make sure its only a stool softener and not a laxative there is a difference. Gripe water is known to loose a baby's stool, and if worst comes to worst there are baby laxatives, and baby enemas but an enemas would be my very last resort imo, and I personally don't believe that any person baby or not can efficiently use everything to the point where there is no waste.


fifijeep - December 3

Hi Natasha, although my 3 month ds hasn't had any tests done that might inhibit his movements... he did just all of a sudden go from every day to once a week. He is exclusively bf, and has gas that can clear a room. But they are always soft and when I asked the dr. she said that was fine and normal. What helped me to get him to go about every 3 days now, is eating LOTS of green vegetables. I take a fiber supplement and juice some veggies too. He went that same afternoon when I did that. Hope this helps!


excited2bemama - December 3

If you don't think she has eliminated the barium then you need to call your ped or the doctor that did the test. If you think that poop that she had afterwards elimated the barium and she is b___stfed then that is normal. Breastfed babies have gone as long as 4 weeks without pooping... and its considered pretty normal to go up to 10 days with no poop b/c b___stmilk is absorbed so well. If she is formula fed I would call your ped


NatashaV - December 3

She is exclusively breasfed... I too have a hard time believing that her little body uses up ALL the nutrients so that there's no poop! She does have a lot of urine in her diapers though, so who knows? The poop she had (the only one in 10 days) was after the barium swallow and it was slightly thicker than her usual (more like mousse - sorry, tmi!). Our pediatrician is very laid back, I'd be surprised if he said it was a problem, and maybe it's not? I would try to eat more green vegetables, but a woman in my New Moms group said she heard that 'green is mean' in that those give babies bad gas (of course mine already has the bad gas, so who knows?). :) Maybe I'll try taking a stool softener once a day, I still have some from the week after giving birth.


wailing - December 3

My Dr said that babies DO use all of the brestmilk so efficiently that they don't produce any waste. At least not enough to go everyday. I called my Pedi in a panic when my lo was 3 months b/c he stopped having dirty diapers eveyday. She said it was COMPLETELY NORMAL for exclusively b'fed babies and nothing to worry about...as long as they don't act uncomfortable and it doesn't go past 10 days. My lo would go only 1 every 7 days for 2 months. Then he suddenly started going more often. Unless ur baby seems sick, uncomfortable, or it goes for longer then a week I wouldn't worry. They're digestive systems are VERY immature at this point and IMO don't need the extra strain of laxatives or prune juice. If u start that now, you may have to continue that routine in the future.


wailing - December 3

Oh, and as far as gas goes....my lo has THE WORST gas on the planet:-) It's actually embarrasing when we go to the store b/c I think ppl think it's me!!! But, it actually smells worse then any adult gas!!!! Good Luck to u:-)


angela1986 - December 3

My son also was having that problem, i stopped b___stfeeding about a month after i had him and put him on formula. He started spitted up more than usual and come to find out he has acid reflux, so we also had to switch his formula. Which in turn caused his bowel movements to be non existant. I too called the dr in a panic and they suggested juice once a day, about an ounce or two. Kinda depends on how the texture is once they finally go, whether or not they need more or less. He advised me though no more than two ounces in a day, and i must say it did wonders. Hes pooping on a daily basis lol. Good luck!


mommybabyboy21 - December 4

My lo is b___stfeed only and he has pooped every day I think only three times in his life has he gone more than a day without pooping and the longest I think was 36 hours. He is 5.5 months old. If its evening time and my lo had not pooped I will eat a peach, pear, or a bowl of spinach. Once I took a stool softener but that was because both of us had not pooped that day. But its always worked like a charm for me.


Prego1 - December 4

Hi. My Dd had the barium swallow more than 1 week ago. Yes it's constipating. Dr asked me to give a little bit of prune juice to my baby and it helped. I also gave her some pedialyte. Early this week I still could see a little barium in her poop. Remember it's white? Anyway, just give it some time. Plus your baby is EBF, they don't have frequent bowel movements.


NatashaV - December 7

Day 11 and still no decent poop! I'm really getting worried now... She's had about a centimetre of poop in some diapers, but that's it (it's yellowy/light orange color..like it always was). The doc's nurse told me to use corn syrup in 4 oz of water and feed to her, but she doesn't take a bottle well at all, so we used less and used a syringe..didn't seem to help (that was 3 days ago). So, this morning, I used one tsp of corn syrup in 2 oz of warm boiled water and tried to bottle feed it to her - she did 'okay'... Does anyone know how long it's supposed to take for this 'remedy' to work? I've got a phone call in to the doc, but haven't heard back yet...thanks!


kimberly - December 7

Put about an oz. of warm water and an oz. of prune juice in a bottle and see if that works. The dark Karo Syrup is suppose to work best but I have tried it and never had much luck. The prune juice has worked well for all my kids. I b___stfed my first and he went after every feed. I can't imagine 11 days with no poo, gas is also a sign of constipation. If it were my lo I would be seeing the Dr. just to make sure things are ok.


NatashaV - December 8

Day 12 - finally some poop - yay! Not a lot, but enough that I feel a bit better. It was not the normal texture either..more pasty (sorry, tmi!) as opposed to her usual runnier stools. But, the corn syrup in 2 oz of warm water 2x in 12 hours and ma__saging her lower tummy seemed to work so I'm relieved (and so is baby, I hope). Poor little babe... makes me wonder whether it was all due to her barium swallow or maybe ME not drinking enough fluids, or her not getting enough b___st milk? Thoughts anyone?? I really hope she can go back to a normal bm schedule and that this isn't a new thing with her, it'll drive me nuts. And, one of the most frustrating things was the different advice I was getting... The nurse that runs my Mom's group said to use diluted apple juice, and the nurse at my doc's office (doc is away) said my dd is much too young for juice, and to use corn syrup! Then, my friend said that her doc told her to use dark brown sugar - too many options! My sil said to use prune juice (like you did Kimberly) Anyway..we have some poop, and I'm glad. I still wonder whether all of this was caused by that stupid barium swallow..almost 2 weeks of worrying..makes me mad! Oh well, what can you do..here's to more poop! (oh the things you say when you become a mother, huh? :))


NatashaV - December 9

I'm starting to feel silly giving a run down of dd's poops, but since I started this thread, I thought I'd send an update. LOTS of poop today..the winning remedy is...drumroll.....brown sugar in warm water! I put a tsp in 1 1/2 oz of boiled water, and fed it to her once it cooled to 'warm' like b___st milk. It worked so great! Within 4 hours, she'd had a great bm. She had 4 diaper changes over 6 hours and 2 of the 4 had loads of soft perfect poop. I was so happy! (funny what makes a mom happy) So...next time your lo has constipation, you know what to try!



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