3 Week Old Not Pooping Please Help

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Tan - December 27

My 3 week old son hasnt pooped today at all and maybe yesterday.. i didnt really pay attention :( but he cries all the time and raises his legs to his stomach. Screams... all day long.. is there anything i can give him or do or eat (i bf) to make him go to the bathroom????? hes trying.. but cant :( please help!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!


olivia - December 27

Breastfed babies can go weeks without pooping. It sounds like he is ga__sy or has colic though. For the pooping don't try to force him to go with any remedy, it is normal even if it is a worry. Call his doctor if you are worried so he can have a look and make sure everything is okay. Hang in there!


wailing - December 27

My lo was the same way. He was strictly b'fed and the pedi said it was TOTALLY normal for him to not poop for 7 days. I never gave my lo anything and he was just fine. But, if ur worried, call ur doctor. Never hurts to be sure. But, my lo also cried a bit b/c of gas also. They're digestive systems are just very immature and sensitive. He eventually grew out of it


DeeD - December 28

As mom to 7 kids, most have been bf...I ditto to both these ladies. I would suggest you wait and just see...if he hasn't pooped in 7 days, take him to the doctor and see what he suggests. I hope the little guy feels better soon!


mjvdec01 - December 28

The only thing you can really do is work his legs in a bicycle motion to see if ou can help get things moving or get any gas out of him. I would call the pediatrician though if I were you, they may have other suggestions. I know that you can give karo syrup, but I don't know at what age.


Cevvin - December 28

It sounds like what my lo did when she had gas pains. I had to cut dairy out of my diet for the gas to stop. What are you eating? try to eat VERY bland items, such as steamed chicken.


excited2bemama - December 28

I argee.. its totally normal for b___stfed babies to go a few days without pooping..... its normal to that they strain and grunt and are ga__sey... you can rub his belly, do the bicycle with his legs, or put a warm pack on his belly... As he gets older he will get less ga__sey as he gets older. ALl babies go through a ga__sey period.



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