3M Height

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newmom - December 17

My son is 3m and is 28 inches...is this height normal for 3m?? what about ur babies??


Jamie - December 17

There isn't really a "normal" - is he proportional for weight? My 4 month old daughter is only 25 inches, but she also only weighs 14 pounds; she's proportional, and it's normal for her, since both my husband and I are small (he's 5'6, I'm 5'3) - so my girl is small, but she's perfect for her, because her parents are small.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 17

My daughter was really long at birth and has just kept growing loads since! She is now almost 20 months though. I can't really remember what she was at 3 month old, but I know she is taller than average now.


TC - December 17

How long was he at birth? My son was 21 1/2 in at birth and at his 2mo check-up he was 24in. Compared to other babies that might seem long, but you really can't compare babies to each other. You know it is funny that we know that we as adults come in different sizes and shapes, but when it comes to our kids we want them to look like everyone else and be "normal". Oh, BTW how tall are you and his daddy?


monica - December 17

your baby is really long.....he is he out of his infant car seat already? my son is almost 5 months and he is only a little over 26".


tanya - December 18

newmom, that is very long for a 3 month old. did you get him measured at the doctor's office or do it yourself? also, how much does he weigh and what was he at birth (length and weight-wise)?


tanya - December 18

also, i've heard that at 2 years old you may be able to determine their height at maturity. at 2 years whatever their height is (give or take 2 inches) double it and you will know their height for life. you're 2 inches away from 2.5 feet already at 3 months...just think, you have a year and 9 months left of growing for him.


newmom - December 18

He was 5lbs and 20 inches at birth..i'm 5'5 and his father is 5'7...he was 25 inch on his 2m visit and now in this doc visit he was 11lbs and 28inch... yes he is out of his carseat..he is skinny but tall and he wears 6m dresses..


Stevens Mom - December 18

At my son's 5 1/2 month appointment he was 28 inches! Thats at the 75%...


Eryn - December 18

Ellie is 3 1/2 months and almost 25 inches long and she is considers small.


erin - December 18

my son is a little over 4 months and is 14lbs and now 25 inches...he is perfect to me, just the right size. newmom, 28 inches is seriously long for 3 months and at 11lbs...wow...he must be really really thin...my guess is that he will be towering over you and his pops.



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