3wk Feeding Upset Tummy Question

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lilaggie2002 - February 13

Okay my son is 3weeks old and he acts like he is always hungry!! He eats about 3oz of formula every 21/2 to 3 hours...but lately he acts like he wants food even more! I give him a paci and he goes to town...until it falls out and then he screams. Is this normal? I just want to make sure I am not "overfeeding" him. In addition, he has terrible gas. We have tried ventair bottles and myllicon drops but nothing seems to be alleviating the prob. Any ideas or advice ya'll can offer?


18wbabynov - February 13

it sounds really normal to me. my dd is 3months, and i remember her going through "spurts" where she would seem like she wanted to eat constantly... personally, i like the avent bottles. they are a litte bit expencive, but my dd has never had large issues with gas from their bottles. it could also be formula that upsets his tummy? maybe ask the ped which formula to switch and try for better results? good luck!


sqeekers - February 13

My dd is 3 weeks also, and we were having the same problem. We changed formula brands and the gas has gotten a lot better. We also tried feeding her a little more when she seemed like she wanted it. Our ped said that if they are completely draining the bottle, they are still hungry, and not to try to limit them to only 3oz.


lexa - February 13

I was always told not to limit the feedings. Let them eat. They know when they are full. As for gas, you may want to talk to the ped about switching formulas? May something along the lines of the Gentlease formula. I hear wonders about it! But let him eat:-)


lilaggie2002 - February 13

okay...thank ya'll so much. I increased his feedings to 4oz..and he seems to be much happier...as for the formula..i am going to call about switching it.. i have heard about the gentlelease as well...im willing to try anything cause he seems to be in soo much pain. thanks!!


eclipse - February 13

My lo was a big eater from the beginning too, and had major stomach problems. Gentlease was a godsend, but it took 5 formula switches to find it, so if it doesn't work for your lo, don't despair. And let him eat until he is full-he will let you know when he has had enough. Good luck!


christan10 - February 13

my dd is 5 weeks and we have had horrible gas problems we switched to the gentlease and it made it worse...although i hear some say its great...we are on a lactose-free formula which hasnt cleared up the problem and if it isnt gone by the end of this week i am switching to soy formula...



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