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spunkysalymander - February 15

ALright, I know this says Infant care, and i have a 4 mo old daughter, hwever i am having trouble with my soon to be 3yr old son. he is generally a VERY smart boy. he has his good obedient days and his terrible two days but lately his normally wild temper has gotten worse. i used to think i would escalate his anger by yelling. im afraid he got his temper from me. i try hard not to yell but he knows JUST how to push all my buttons. anyway, ive been doing really good lately, and weve been using time outs. but recently hes decided he wants to do this growl yelling noise thats so obnoxious. i tell him no, he squaks this noise at me and makes a nasty face. i tell him no again, sit in time out, he sqwaks and says no again. i put him in time out and tell him why hes there, he closes his eyes and gets angry. and even worse, recently a few times he has started hitting himeself in the face, then grabs his lower jaw with his fingers and bites down HARD. i have to pull his hands out before he makes them bleed and they have deep teeth marks in them. what could make a two /three year old so angry? any suggestions on what i can do differently? im so worried, this isnt normal at all and i dont konw if im doing something wrong or just not doing something right that i should do.


sahmof3 - February 15

All I can think of is stay strong and continue with the time-outs... sometimes they get worse before they get better. Also, you might want to mention this to your pediatrician and get any disorders ruled out... because if he does have some sort of behavioral disorder, you may need to change your whole approach. I hope that doesn't sound rude! It's just that my oldest son (now 6 1/2) had many problems and strange behaviors and he is now being tested for several things... high-functioining autism being one of them. He is sensory defensive... the tiniest, strangest little things can set him off. Hopefully this isn't the case w/ your son... hopefully it just takes more sticking to your guns, but it wouldn't hurt to have him evaluated! Good luck!



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