4 5 5 Month Olds Parents Opinions Please

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lin7604 - March 14

what is your lo' bedtime? how long are they awake before you start their bedtime routine? my ds is 4.5 months and as some of you know i've been having a rough time with nights. I don' know if i should be letting him stay up a little logner to tire himself out more or if i should still put him to bed before the 2 hr mark? I have tried both and i don't see much of a difference? usually he wakes from his last nap around 5:15 and then at 6:30 i start his bedtime routine ( bath, lotion rub, pj's, book , bottle and then bed) and he will be aleeping around the the 2 hr mark 7:15. last night i tried seeing if he could stay up longer as he is getting older to see what would happen and no change, still wakes lots! i started his bedtime routine at the one hour and 45 min mark, 30 min later and he was then sleeping 30 min later. should i go 2 full hours before i start, so maybe he will be more tired but i just don't want him to get overtired but he doesn't show any sleepy signs very well.


lin7604 - March 14

can anyone give an idea of what they do?


srigles - March 14

I don't know what's right or wrong, but I put my 4.5 month old to bed around 9:30pm. He starts his bath around 7:30-8, then we read him a story, then he has a bottle, then he's off to bed. He sleeps until around 7am. I don't know what the "norm" is, but this is what we've been doing since about 9 weeks or so. He just seems to know that when he goes in his crib, it's lights-out and time for sleep.


DeeJay - March 14

I don't know what is 'right" but my dd at 5 months was only taking 1-2 naps a day, each about 30min-45min. I put her to bed at 7:30-7:45 and she sleeps until 7 the next day. I found if she sleeps too close to bedtime, she still goes to sleep ok, but she wakes earlier in the morning. We give her a bath every other noght, then bottle then right to bed in her crib. But I have been lucky with her and sleeping. Her last nap is at 2-3pm. I think all babies are diferent, some sleep better, some are better at eating. I guess we all get one thing they don't like to do so well!!!!! I think they just like to see how much mommy can take before she goes crazy :)


tryingx3 - March 14

DeeJay - I wish that was the case at my house - I have BOTH things. She is GOOD at EATING during the NIGHT!


lin7604 - March 14

srigles: what time is your lo's last nap at?


srigles - March 15

He generally naps for about two hours from noon to 2pm, then another hour from 6-7pm. But if we're out doing things during the day, that gets messed up and he catches a snooze whenever works for him, lol. :)



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