4 Mo Old Stats

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jacobsmom - January 16

Just wondering how big/ heavy your 4 mo. old is/ was. My ds is 24 inches and 14 lbs 3 oz.


ginger6363 - January 16

At her four mo. dr visit my dd was 14.0 lbs (50th percentile); 23.75 inches (25th percentile); and 95 percentile head (I don't remember the measurement). She's 4.5 mo. now. :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 16

My daught is 23 3/4 long and 13lbs 12 oz


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 16

I meant daughter


sfrog68 - January 16

At my dd's 4 mo check up she was 15lbs 6 oz and 24 1/2" long. She is 4.5 months now.


TiffanyRae - January 16

my son was 18 pounds and just 27 1/2 inches long at his 4 1/2 month baby wellness visit. He has always been a big boy. But both DH and I are very tall, whole family is actually really tall so I am sure that is where he gets it! He has always been off the percentile charts.


TiffanyRae - January 16

oops I didn't mean Just 27 1/2 inches.....he is a big boy!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 17

TiffanyRae-That is so cute, I love seeing big babies


DDT - January 17

My ds was 16lbs 2oz & 26in long.


CaseyB - January 17

At 4.5 months my daughter was 13 lb 13 oz (40th percentile) 25 inches long (60th percentile) and i think 161/4 head (50th percentile)


GloriaD - January 18

My dd is also 4 months and is 11 lb. 7 oz. and 24 3/4". She's very low on weight and I think average height. Not sure about her head.... it looks pretty average!:)


denimb__terfly - January 18

my son was 18 pounds 1 ounce and 25 and 3/4 inches. I was in shock because I did not realize he weighed so much! I knew his clothes were getting smaller by the day, but .... still in shock since Wednesday. I wish he would start eating something besides b___stmilk- but he has no interest in the baby foods yet :-( Just call me Drained Denimb___terfly LOL


kimberly - January 18

My dd was 16 lbs. 11 oz and 23 3/4 in. at 4 months and at 4.5 months she was 17 lbs. 5 oz. and 23 3/4 in. She is short and chubby!


ginger6363 - January 18

Kim: nothing wrong with short and chubby---some of the best of us are!! LOL


kimberly - January 18

Thanks, ginger! She is really cute but I have noticed she seems to be the shortest of all the babies on this site. lol!


ginger6363 - January 18

kim, don't worry too much. she may catch up yet. I used to call my best friend "shrimp" in middle school b/c she was so short (I am short and she was shorter). In high school, she sprouted and I stayed short. Now, she's 5,5 and I am 5,0! :( Who's the shrimp now? LOL. Also, my husband "sprouted" as a junior in highschool---grew 6 inches in a couple of years...so you never know.


mamatom - January 18

guess my son is a giant then.. *lol* at his 4 month appointment he was at 21 lbs. Luckily for me he stopped gaining weight for the time being, he's 10.5 mnths old and at 29 lbs.. He hasn't gained any weight since about 6.5 months.. He's probably around 33 inches now. at 4.5 months I think he was 26 inches.



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