4 Month Old I Have A Bunch Of Questions

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amanda17 - September 25

Question number one: For the past few weeks my daughter has only been comfortable in freezing cold rooms. I think if I made her room into a jumbo freezer she'd be right as rain. She doesn't even want a blanket or anything. Then in comfortable temperatures she starts screaming her head off, turns bright red, starts sweating and gets very hot. The only way to calm her down is stick her directly in front of the air conditioner. Is that normal? Why is she like that? Question number two: She has some dry, flaky, yellowy skin around her scalp. When I wash her hair it falls off and the skin underneath it is actually lighter than her normal skin color. She's half white half hispanic, so she has a mixed skin color, but under the flakes she's only white. Has anyone else experienced that with their LO? Question number three: Her hair has just recently started falling out... I love her hair color so I was just wondering if it always grows back a different color or if it can grow back the same? Last question: I'm exclusively br___tfeeding and a couple weeks ago I started getting some sharp pains in my br___ts either during or very shortly after she eats. What is it? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.


ddbomb - September 25

Hi amanda17, well Q1, not sure! My youngest was the only one out of our lot that was a 'warm' boy, he was always warmer than anyone else basically nad like you, we' d haveo tmake allownaces for him even in winter and summer to keep him at a nice temperature with cooler clothes and less layers. I'd just do whatever makes her mos comfortable and if she likes it cooler (freezing? Hm... well, not sure just keep her comfortable and happy I guess). Q2 is cradle cap extra skin on her scalp, nothing to worry about, Just brush teh extra scales off and keep her head moist with olive oil or you may not even need that. Q3, hair failling out, yes, somtimes like mine did but only small amounts. She's probably moving her head more now and may rub some of it off but hsould grow back the same. Q4, the only pains I've felt like the ones you're describing was an abcess but they were REALLY bad. I used to get normal sharp pains too on eiher full or empty breats but keep an eye on them. If theyget worse, get it checked out. Yo'ure doing a good job to be aware of things and to make sure you're bub is okay :-) Keep at the hardest thing on earth!


DDT - September 25

The only question I can safely answer is about hair colour. Both my boys were born with very dark brown/black hair. They both lost all their hair at about 2 months old. My oldest's hair was brown and then after about 1 year it started getting lighter. At 19 months it is now very light brown that can look like dirty blond in the right light. My youngest is getting very fair hair...it looks blond to light brown. That being said I was born with no hair and my hair - when it did grow in - was white blond. It was that colour until I was about 4-5 and then it went brown. So, I guess what I am saying is that yes...your lo may grow in new hair a different colour, and then it could very well change again when she is older.


sarah21 - September 26

About the pains in your b___sts... I sometimes get those too. I think it's just a nerve thing. I have had mast_tis and it is not really a sharp pain so I wouldn't worry about that. Sounds like just a nerve going bonkers. It is obnoxious but I don't think it's anything to worry about. The hair can come in a different or the same hair color. Babies are weird that way. Oh and my daughter is pretty hot-natured, too. It's just the way she is.



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