4 Month Old Only 30 Minute Naps

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JerseyGirl - October 27

Though my DS seems to have quite a nice schedule (eats at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm and naps around 10am and 2pm), his naps seem to be rather short-lived... like 30 minutes only. I feel like they should be about an hour each. Yesterday, he was still exhausted after his afternoon nap, but wouldn't go back down for another... until 7:30pm! How do you get your L.O. to nap for longer than 30 minutes? Please don't suggest reading a book; I have no time for that! Thanks for any tried-and-true suggestions!


mlm056 - October 27

hi JerseyGirl, I had to laugh when reading your thread... my ds will be 4mths Oct 28th -- EXACTLY the same routine as your ds..must have been something in the air yesterday.. he too was EXHAUSTED but refused to take another nap -- did everything -- car rides, swing, CIO for a bit (not a big fan of that), .. the only thing I can think of is that he was overtired... once the morning nap was missed, it was down hill from there,,. he couldn't overcome the exhaustion... that being said, he went to bed at 8pm and slept until 8am -- and went for his regular 10am nap --it's now 11:06! Got my fingers crossed... I also thought it could be teething, I can see the whites of the top teeth...sorry I can't give you any other ideas.... how is your ds doing today?


excited2bemama - October 27

I think its just a phase too. My 5 month does this on a weekly basis. If she wakes up less than 45 min after going down I go back in and pop her her paci back in. SOmetimes she goes back to sleep and sometimes she doesn't. Babies have really short sleep cycles and sometimes they wake up after 30 min.. all the sleep books I have read suggest to try to get your lo to go back to sleep. Other than that I just try to watch for signs of sleeiness and put my lo back down for a nap. Sometimes it doesn't work and she is just tired for the day. GOOD LUCK. :O)


DDT - October 27

Actually a baby's sleep cycle is 40-45mins long. Anything less than that is not really considered a nap. You could try putting him down more often for a nap if he insists on only sleeping for such short power naps. Or like excited2bemama does...try giving him hiw paci and getting him to sleep longer. You could use the PU/PD method which is fine to use once they are 4 months old.


JerseyGirl - October 27

Thanks. I use the paci only when he wakes up too soon. But when it falls out, he wakes back up. Added to my frustration about these short naps is his eating habits the past couple of days - he's taking FORVER to eat and sometimes doesn't even finish. This morning's bottle he left over an ounce, so I thought he'd be starving for his next bottle (he kind of was; he was screaming for it). But 45 minutes later, he only drank half the 7-ounce bottle!! I'm going out in this c___ppy-a__s weather to buy level 2 nipples - maybe that's it....


kristine - October 27

JerseyGirl-my son also used to be a short napper--40 minutes and you could set your watch to it. Now he is almost 6 months old, and for the past couple of weeks he has been taking a 2 hour nap in the morning (9-11). His afternoon nap (1:00) is still only about 40 minutes long, so we usually try a "swing nap" later around 3:00 or 4:00 just so he can last until his bedtime which is at 7:00. Like I said, he just started to nap for longer stretches in the morning, so your lo will probably eventually outgrow it. 3-4 months old was our toughest time as far as sleeping (naps and nighttime)


KOGreer - October 27

My son is 4 months as well, and we seem to have a pretty good schedule down also. He eats every three hours, unless he is napping and I won't wake him. He does take two afternoon naps that are EXACTLY 30 minutes as well. I can set my watch to it. But in the morning, after breakfast and palytime, I put him in his swing and can get anywhere from 2 ~ 5 hours from him in there! It is a lifesend. I tried to put him in his crib yesterday for his nap, and sure enough he woke up after 30 min again. I am sure that you prob don't want to rely on the swing if you can help it, but it may help you in the short term


mommybabyboy21 - October 27

my son for two days slept for only 30 minutes, the suggustions given to me...because I am against CIO, was right after his morning feeding do an activitly that really wears him out. (playing in his jumper, playing games where he is laughing his head off) then when he gets his second feeding (my son is feed every two hours) I would rock him while feeding him and then I put him down on his stomach. alot of mothers are against this sleeping method, so if you are then swaddle your lo really tightly and lay him down. If I notice that he is waking up before an hour is up I will go and pat his back and he usually falls back asleep. For naps he sleeps in the same room as me. I have a ba__sente on wheels and it goes with me. So I can notice quickly if he is stirring. For the afternoon nap I do the same thing. For his morning naps now I usually get 1 1/2 to 2 hours and his afternoon nap is 45 min to 1 1/2 then he takes a short 30 -45 min nap in the evenings.gl



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