4 Month Old Dr Appt

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Deirdra - February 23

So yea yesterday we went to Trents 4 month old appt. HE"S HUGE! lol...hes 16 lbs 2 oz and 25 1/2 inches long...90th percentile for both height and weight! Which I guess evens out...but im concereened his head in only 50th percentile does that matter? and also i thaught as they got older they got better with shots? im so glad my DH was there i was dying, i was crying so hrad the nurse comforted me and not trent...lol...he SCREAMED! i thaught his head was going to explode! so yea just to updat you all on Trent and just woondering about head size and shots?


mandee25 - February 23

I was wondering about the head measuring thing too. My ds has his 3 month appointment this Monday and my doctor hasn't measured his head yet. Why do they do this?


ashtynsmom - February 23

Ours measures her head at every appt.


Lisastar9 - February 23

I believe measuring their head is a guide to healthy eating. As well as weight and height combined. As long as Trent's head is growing at a steady pace there is nothing to worry about.


lin7604 - February 23

also i think it is also cause tehy measure for fluid levels or something like that, i heard anyway. If it's too big there could be other problems. My ds is 4 months 2morrow and will be having his appt on monday. I am scared to see what he weight, you think yours was big! mine 2 weeks ago was weighted at the dr and he was 18 lbs and 26.5 inches long, then. so i wonder if he put anymore on?


lexa - February 23

Well, I can honestly say that shots don't get any better as they get older! In fact, they get worse! Wait until you have to hold him on your lap so they can inject him. That broke my heart and made me cry with my son! I felt like the bad one! I wouldn't worry about the head size right now. My dd was 13 lbs 14oz and 25.5inches long. She was at the 50% for both. However, her noggin only measure 15.5 inches and she dropped from 25% to 15% from her last visit. The doctor said not to worry because on the chart, it wasn't actually much of a difference. And then he said "Einstein had a small head". That didn't make me feel better because I had to tell him that "Einstein was also dyslexic"! HMMM. Anyway, sorry I rambled there. He sounds like a healthy baby and I wouldn't worry:-)



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