4 Month Old Not Eating And Sleeping A Ton

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crb - April 10

Hi my 4 month old is not really a big eater. She only averages about 20 ounces a day (formula). At her 4 month check-up her ped. was not worried because her weight gain has been so good (born at 5.15 and now 14 pounds). But yesterday and today she has been sleeping excessively and has only taken 11 ounces since 8:00 last night. Any ideas about what is going on??? She seems happy when she is awake.


eclipse - April 10

I would call your ped-is she ok otherwise? She may be working on a cold or virus-some babies go off food and sleep a lot right before. But you should call just in case. Good luck.


Steph - April 10

I'd say she's probably going through a growth spurt. A lot of kids will eat very little when going through one, and make up for it later. Some babies will eat like little piggies when they go through them. If she's not acting sick, I'd really not worry about it. There's some days when I don't feel like eating either! :o)


Gena - April 10

Ella did that at about 2 months and she had a virus. There was nothing they could do for her so she just had to ride it out but I'd be surprised if it wasn't that. Does she have a rash on her belly or anything??


crb - April 10

No rash on her belly. The food amount does not worry me as much as the excessive sleeping. She has increased her growth curve from the 2% at birth to the 57% at four months... I have been wondering is she is going through a growth spurt. She grew from 21 inches at two months to 25 inches at 4 months so I would think she would start to slow down.


venus_in_scorpio - April 10

i agree with steph, my dd did this around 3 months and shes usually a little piggy, like 30-36 oz a day.... and the ped said it was a growth spurt, and boy was he right! she always took 4 oz bottles, after 2 days of sleeping and me having to feed her in her sleep she was taking 6 oz bottles. just call the ped to ease your mind and if baby is happy and no fever and bowels and urine are normal then relax - she's growing. :o)


thinmint86 - May 23

Stumbled across this while googling this issue with my 4mo and he DOES have a rash on his belly... he's not eating much today and fell asleep for the night at 4:30pm! Why did you ask about the tummy rash?? Is that something??? His pedi said it was probably a yeast infection and gave us some cream for it but now I'm worried that it could be something else. Thanks for any reply, I know this thread is from a while ago!



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