4 Month Old Refusing Bottle

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Newhoneybuns - January 26

Hi everyone, my dd will be 4 months next week and for the past week or so she has been acting strange with her bottle and i just don't know what to do anymore. Well when she wakes up she will eat her 8 oz. no problem at all then at noon its also all good but then starting in the afternoon and before bedtime, she will take the bottle cause she is hungry sucks a bit then starts crying non stop... we having tried faster nipples and she didnt like that. Only thing we can do is keep the bottle in her mouth until she actually calms down and takes a few sip then she will finish it... but its really weird. Anyone been through something similar and what did you do? Thanks!


lexa - January 26

Im really curious too. Im glad you asked this. Weve just run into the same problem with my dd! She will be 4 months soon too. Its every evening for us. It appears she is overtired (she also suddenly stopped napping during the day).


Newhoneybuns - January 26

yeah she started to sleep a lot less during the day too so i thought maybe it was because she was way too tired that she did that but i have no idea really.


Kara H. - January 26

could it be teething making her gums hurt? We had been using both Avent and playtex vent aire bottles. When teething started he would only use the avents since the will make them suck like a b___st fed baby, with the tough covering the bottom gums. He did much better once I figured that out and quit trying to give him the traditional type nipple. I would buy one Avent, let her figure out how to suck the bottle and see if her feeding gets better.


lexa - January 26

Honestly, I do the same thing you do. Try to just calm her down and keep the bottle there. Once she calms down and takes it, she'll drink it and fall asleep. This is something I'm going to ask our ped about when we go. We just dont go until Feb 6th. Maybe it is from them being over-tired?


Kara H. - January 26

we also do the old "paci switch-a-roo" with Max. When he gets really bent out of shape and too mad to eat, I stick his paci in his mouth to calm him, thenpull it out and stick the bottle in real fast! Usually he will go right on sucking!


lexa - January 26

I already use Avent. As for the paci...she absolutely won't take one. Never has. I wish she would sometimes. We were wondering about teething....she is biting on her fingers a lot and the drool....we could bucket that.


Newhoneybuns - January 27

Well my dd is definatly teething and has been for like a month now she's a drooling monster lol and we already use the playtex bottles its the only ones she will take we had tried many different ones but no success and for the paci well she never took one she doesnt like them.


lexa - January 27

Ugh...teeth take sooo long! I tried the playtex and she wouldn't take them. She would only take the Avent bottles. Oh and nipples...whoa don't even think about changing those!!! We have to thicken all of her feedings with rice cereal. Well, I bought new nipples to acommodate that, and she refused to eat from them! Before the thickened feedings, we went to the stage 2 nipples (as per her age), and she refused those! Picky little thing! So we ended up having to cut slits in all of her "newborn" nipples so she would eat.


bekysu - January 27

Ear infection? Thrush? Check with doc...


Newhoneybuns - January 28

we just went for her check up last week and doctor said she was perfectly healthy and she's all good so i don't see why she started doing that besides maybe being too tired...


mandee25 - January 28

My ds is 9 weeks old and during his feedings he had started to pull his head away while still crying like he was hungry. It seems like a struggle to feed him sometimes. I changed to the stage 2 nipples to try them and he will take them and not fuss but he ended up spitting up way too much so I switched back to newborn nipples. It is frustrating! With the old nipples his feedings seem to take forever!


vicky9989 - January 28

this happens with my dd too! she takes the bottle for like 10 seconds then starts to squirm and cry! she now sleeps at night so she hardly ever sleeps in the day, about 10mins here and there for all of a total of 30mins. Maybe there just too tired and hungry and they dont know where to start!x


Kara H. - January 28

I don't know why I didn't think to mention this before, but check the symptoms for infant acid reflux. Make sure that isn't it. Max was a silent refluxer so he never puked. But he would cry during feedings and arch his back like he was in pain. Then when it got really bad, he would cry a lot. He's on medication now.



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