4 Month Old Still Sleeps 17 18 Hrs A Day Normal

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JessC531 - December 17

My dd is 4 months old and she's still sleeping sooo much. She sleeps 12 hours at night, usually with one feed in the early morning. During the day she can only stay up an hour and a half (sometimes less) before needing another nap. She gets cranky after about an hour, but I try to stretch it out a bit. I just feel like maybe something is wrong that's making her so tired all the time. Sometimes after a nap she never seems to be completely awake and alert - she just sort of stays sleepy. Is she sleeping too much and that's making her groggy? I just don't know!!! Any ideas?


Mrs.Ireland - December 17

I ENVY you!!!! If she acts and seems fine I wouldn't think there is anything wrong. My dd is almost 5 months and has never slept good from day 1, ugghhh...


Prego1 - December 17

Is she b___stfed or formula-fed? If she's b___stfed are you taking some meds that can cause her to be sleepy? I know when I was taking painkillers after my c-section, DD was very sleepy, slept all day.


fifijeep - December 17

My 3 month old ds sleeps a lot too. He sleeps 10 hrs at night, and takes a 2-3 hr nap in the morning. Then wants a catnap (30-45 min) every 2 hrs until bedtime.. People think it's weird, and always comment on how much he sleeps, but when he's awake, he's happy and coos alot. But after an hour and a half or so, he's ready for a nap. He's exclusively bf and I'm not on any meds. I think he's teething too, but is a very healthy boy. I just think every baby is different, some are sleepers and some aren't. Both can be healthy. If she seems really sleepy all the time, I would ask your ped. But otherwise, I would take advantage and get some 'personal-time' in! :)


excited2bemama - December 17

Trust your instincts !! its fine... I know I worried when dd was 3 months and sleeping that much... now I wish she would sleep more.. she sleeps abourt 13-14 hours totall.. There is a huge range of normal.. I know for my dd anything from 11-17 hours a day is normal.. thats for 6-9 month olds though.. If she is happy when she is wake - she is fine. She might be going through a growth spurt.. also when she is up is your house light and sunny.. shades up? are you stimulating her? I know you are really supposed to keep things day at nightime and naptime and light during the day so babies get into the day/night sleep cycles...


excited2bemama - December 17

keep things dark at nightime.. duh I can't type..


Krissy25 - December 17

Jess, send some of that sleep over this way. My dd only sleeps at the most 12 hrs in a 24 hr. period. 8 or 9 hours at night and if i'm lucky she will take a full hour nap during the day but usually it's only a few 20- 30 min catnaps and that is it.


JessC531 - December 18

Thanks for the responses. DD is exclusively b___stfed, but I don't take any meds. I don't even want to take Tylenol when I have a headache! :) I'm starting to worry that maybe she's anemic?? I lost a lot of blood during my c-section, and was anemic afterwards. They wanted me to take 2 months of iron supplements, but I only took 1 month because it was messing my stomach up so bad. I wonder if now she's not getting enough iron?? I know when I was anemic I was sleepy a lot. I don't know... I'm probably worried over nothing. I just don't want her to fall behind because she spends so much of her time sleeping instead of learning!!!


denimb__terfly - December 18

Jess my 3 month old is the EXACT same way with his sleep. I exclusively b___stfeed and I don't take pain meds either. And, I have never had any problems with anemia-- I think our LOs just need to sleep! I know my other 2 children had their own unique sleep amounts and I know that this little guy is happy as can be so I don't think anything is wrong at all. I do question it sometimes- but when I see him smiling and laughing (something he started before he was even 2 months old) I know everything is as it should be :-)


denimb__terfly - December 18

also I have taken tylenol 2 times before-- both times it kept him awake and cranky, so it has the opposite effect on him-- it keeps him up!



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