4 Month Old Swaddling Question

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Aimes - January 25

We still swaddle our daughter to sleep. She's a little over 4 months and I feel like it's time to stop the swaddling. Yesterday I started by leaving one arm out and she fell asleep no prob. Last night we decided to completely swaddle her so she's sleep through, but for her nap today I did the same thing and left her arm out. She cried for about 5 min, I went in comforted, she kept going for another 10 min. and I think she's now asleep in there. I quess my question is, is there a different way I should be doing this, and is she too little to let her cry for a while while we're making the change? How long did all of you swaddle for? Thanks


ashtynsmom - January 25

My dd just "weaned" herself from swaddling. She was over 5 mos at the time. She had started kicking out of it at night, so I would re-swaddle her when she woke up. One night she kicked out, but slept thru, so I wasn't aware she didn't have it on anymore. The next night I tried to swaddle her like always, and she kept kicking about, so I left it off. She has been free of it ever since!


EMBERBABY - January 25

My lo is also 4 months she started kicking herself free since around 3 months so I stopped trying. She usually sleeps through the night.


Aimes - January 25

She kicks out of her's too and we had to buy the biggest one and wrap her tightly. If she gets a hand out though she'll cry. I just checked on her and she's asleep in there. Maybe I'll just put her down tonight in a sleep sack and see if she'll do it. Just like a band-aid, I guess :)


Erin1979 - January 25

I used the sleep sack. DD just weaned herself from swaddling, but the sleep sack was the only way she would have blankets on all night.


maren - January 26

oh man you all must be pro swaddlers lol i only swaddled for like a couple weeks! tops


MellyMel - January 26

I only swaddled her the first two weeks. Wow, you guys swaddle long. I never thought to continue it. I just thought you were suppose to do it for the first few weeks because they were use to being in the womb.


mandee25 - January 26

I would never be able to swaddle my 9 week old. He loves to wiggle around and move too much before he falls asleep.


drea - January 26

My dd is 4 mos also and I use one of those swaddling blankets, but I leave her arms out. I stopped the full swaddling thing after a few weeks also. She would always squirm and kick out of them so now I just use the one that velcro's shut and its great. She likes to have her arms out and put them behind her head, its so cute :-)


bchflwr - January 26

Like your lo my ds was dependant on swaddling to sleep at night. We let him nap on his tummy and he was ok with that. I always said I would let him be swaddled as long as he needed it until he could roll over from back to belly. Well at 5 months ds started roling from back to belly. After that I would not let him sleep swaddled because I was scared he was going to roll over and not have any hands to push up on. So that was our cut off date for safety. I tried the one arm out etc. but that did not work. So we just put him down without it ( I am not a big fan of CIO, but felt it was best for ds) It was not easy, ds cried the first two night for like 20-30 minutes, but now he sleeps great. If he cried in the middle of the night I would feed or comfort him as needed. I will say that most of the time he sleeps on his side and not on his back. Guess it is just not comfy to him!



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