4 Month Old To Young For 1st Foods

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hmreyna - July 2

My son is a big boy. He is always hungry and never gets full. Well, I want to start him on Gerber 1st foods but not sure how. I know that sounds stupid but do you give them just at night, in the morning and afternoon or what? Also, how often and just veggies to start out with. He is my first so no making fun of me. I am just wanting to do things right. Thanks!


Debi - July 2

I would never make fun of you, this is my 4th and I still ask questions...Have you started him on cereal yet? If not, I would start with rice cereal, it seems to be the mildest. You can mix it with formula or b___stmilk (which ever you are doing) If you have already done the cereal thing you can start with Gerber applesauce (this is according to the list from my pedi) My doc recommends cereal in the a.m. and p.m. and the Gerber food for lunch, you should do each new food for 5 days to make sure that he doesn't have a food allergy to it, which is probably why they say give it at lunch time. Then you can move on to the next, which on the list that I have is peaches, pears, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green bean then fresh ripe bananas. Their are other foods too, I just work them in to where I think they should go. Hope that I helped a little....good luck :)


Debi - July 2

btw, I have a 4 month old too and I have started her on the first foods, I think that the rule of thumb is, if they are consuming more then 32 oz of formula a day then they should be ready.


shelly22 - July 2

You'll probably get a couple different answers on this one. My son is 4 1/2 months and I started him on rice cereal when he was almost 4 months, I have a big boy. My pedi told me at his 4 month check up to start him on veggies. He told me to start with veggies for lunch and continue giving him cereal but give him that for dinner. He told me to make sure to start w/ veggies, so they learn to like them. Fruit is sweet and if you start with that they'll only like sweet stuff. So I gave him veggies and switched them every 4 days, when I went through them all I started fruits for breakfast. I just started fruits yesterday, and it's working well. My pedi told me to start with carrots, then squash, sweet potatoes, greenbeens, then peas. Then when thats all through start the fruit.



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