4 Month Vaccinations

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aliciavr6 - October 25

dd definitely handled the 2 month ones better, as this time she ran a fever for 2 days, and it seems kind of like she's mad at me now? haha. The first night was the worst, she was so cranky and had a little fever of 100.6. Anybody else have a rough time with 4 month shots?


yogi - October 25

o god she had them 2 weeks a go and since then she is waking 2-7 times at night.i really think her night wakings are related to the shuts.


JerseyGirl - October 25

Yeah, but DS's reactions were short-lived. Funny enough, he didn't have a fever w/ the 2-month shots... just the redness & swelling at the injection sites. This time though, he didn't have that, but ran a fever for a couple of days!


ImpatientMommy - October 25

YES. The 2 month shots and 4 month shots seem to be the same so far. At her 2 month shots, she was fine afterwards, even happy and what not and then took a long nap and then woke up from that long nap SCREAMING and was pretty p__sed and crying the whole night with short naps and then the next day was FINE, like nothing happened. She got her 4 month shots today and it's pretty much been the same. She was fine when we got home and then slept from 5:30 to a little past 7 and woke up SCREAMING then she fell asleep for 10 minutes then woke up screaming again for like close to 10 minutes. Now she's asleep again and has been for like 20 minutes. I think her legs are just really sore. She didn't run a fever at her 2 month shots and hasn't so far with these either. I feel so bad because I know her legs bother her so much. I like don't know how to hold her to make her feel better and keep pressure off her legs.


ImpatientMommy - October 25

I think the Tylenol kicked in because she woke up after another 90 minute nap happy and smiling haha.


aliciavr6 - October 26

ha that seems to be the same routine at my house, or at least was. She seems back to normal now. Except for the first time since she was a few weeks old, she woke up last night at 11pm :-O Only two hours after she went to sleep! Stayed awake until 1am. Ugh. Then up again at 7.


ImpatientMommy - October 26

Well today she isn't crying but she is acting weird. She hasn't cried at all today, not even when she was hungry which is weird. She's just kinda sleepy and sitting around really mellow when she is awake and usually she's playing and kicking and talking. I'm a little worried but it is only the day after she got the shots. Maybe she'll be better tomorrow. She's been going like 4 1/2 hours between bottles and one time FIVE hours and she didn't cry or fuss like she usually does when she is hungry I just gave her a bottle eventually... very weird...



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