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wailing - October 15

Hi ladies. Once again, it's time to ask this question to those who have 4 month olds (or close in age). What are ur schedules w/ ur lo's. What do u do to keep them busy? I feel like sine they are more aware now, I spend so much time trying to keep him entertained:-0 How are they sleeping, eating, doing? Share!!! Hope all is well:-)


mlm056 - October 15

HI Wailing -- so glad you started this thread -- I feel the same way! Here's my day in a nutshell with ds. 6am feeding (feedings take 1/2hr, he takes btn 6-8oz) sleeps 6:30-8am, 8am-10 spent with tummy time, reading books (I can't get over how much he enjoys being read to), and under his 'rainforest' activity centre (he LOVES it!). 10am feed, 1030-12 nap, 12pm linkaloo chair (again loves it because he is sitting up -- he is starting to resent laying down!!), swing, reading books or just lying with him on the bed and chatting, 1pm feed,1:30-3:30 I get out of the house for errands/groceries etc... he ready enjoys the mall/grocery shopping and all the chatting he gets from the other customers (I enjoy getting out of the house and getting some adult interaction --Starbucks is always a must!)-- he usually takes a cat nap at some point during is outting. 4pm feed, nap 4:30-5:30, then we head out for a walk around the neighbourhood (not sure what i will do once the snow starts!!) 6:30 bath, a book before bed and then 7pm feed --730 lights out. He still wakes up at 2am for a 7-8oz feed and then stays alseep until 6am. I also purchased the Rainforest jumperoo -- he likes it for small amounts of time -- say 10 min -- I think he's a bit too young for it but he enjoys it b/c he is standing in it. Lately I have been doing a lot of time with him sitting on my lap and just chatting up a storm about, well, about nothing in particular -- he seems to just enjoy watching my facial expression... or while I have him laying on the bed or on a blanket on the floor, I use rattles with him -- he keeps satisfied with reaching for them and shaking them for 15-20 min. So, that's the day! Goes by so quickly! Could you share your day/sleeping/feeding?? Thanks!


excited2bemama - October 16

Okay- My lo is 4.5 months old. Her day usually begins around 6-6:30 am. She wakes up and takes to herself for about 10-15 min. Then I go get her and she nurses. She then hangs out in her bumbo on the table while dh and I eat breakfast and she plays on the floor. 8-8:30 she eats again and then goes down for a nap for about 1 hour, Then she usally eats again. afternoon nap around 12-1. She sleeps for 2-3 hours. he pretty much nurses around the clock every 2 hours during the day. She goes to bed at 6:30 pm- she gets tired at that time. and usually sleeps will 12-2 am, then she feeds and sleeps till 6-6:30 am. She likes to sit in the bumbo, listen to stories, hang out in her exersaucer, go for walks ,- but mostly wants me to talk, entertain, etc her all the time.


kristine - October 16

mlm-wait until he figures out how to jump in the jumperoo!! My son is 5.5 months old now, and we have the Baby Einstein activity jumper. He has figured out how to jump in it, probably just in the last couple of weeks...and he goes wild....it is hilarious. He definitely started to like it more once he figured out how to jump in it.


mommybabyboy21 - October 16

my son turn 4 months old yesterday. my day starts between 8:30 and 9 am. for the first 15 min we talk and play in my bed then he is feed then I let him play on his 'rainforst' play mat while I get breakfast. After I am done eating I play with him...singing dancing at 11 am - 1pm he naps at 1 he eats again. then we go out...a walk or shopping...etc. at 3 pm he goes down for another nap until 5 then he eats again. at 5 my parents come home from work and wants to play with him...and they entertain him with walks and talking at 7 pm he goes down for a nap of about 45 min then at 8 he gets a bath and we read and relax until 9 pm when he eats again and then to bed. He will wake for a feeding its at different times somewhere between 4 and 6 am. I have also been doing alot of him sitting up because he doesn't like to lay down much. He loves his rainforst jumper yesterday he figured out that he can turn himself around in it. but he doesn't jump he sort of dances in it. but he only likes it for about 20 min then gets tired. but then again with almost every thing he can only take it for about 1/2 hour then he wants to change to something else. And he loves for people to talk to him about nothing at all just as long as he 'thinks' he is the center of the conversation...that he can do for an hour...lol


wailing - October 17

Hi all. My schedule is almost the exact same as many of u. Ds wakes btwn 530-6am. He eats then sleeps again until 9ish. I bring him into our room and let him eat again or play w/ him while BF gets ready for work. If he naps it's very short (1hr). Btwn 10-11 we play (making the bed...he loves to be in it when I fluff the sheets and pillows!) Then I put him either in his crib or playmat while I make some food. He naps 1230-130 every afternoon (gets cranky right at that time). I feed him then put him into his crib w/ the shades closed and the mobile on. He'll talk and play for a bit but falls asleep soon after. When he gets up at 130 we do exersaucer, tummytime, sitting up alot w/ support, and lots of one on one time. Then he naps 3-430 or 5 again. He eats then, we go for a walk or sometimes visit friends, run errands when BF gets off work. 7pm he gets a bath, feeds, and goes to bed by 8-830. If we don't bathe him we at least wipe him down (sponge bath). He wakes up once either at 230 or 430 am, eats and goes back to bed. When BF is off we do alot outside together, he's usually really tolerant of being out and about, but after 7pm he gets really grumpy and has had enough:-) He talks alot (just learned his m's) and loves to stand up. He rolled over for the first time a few wks ago on his own. He kicks and slams his hands around like crazy. Loves his thumb and sucking on ANYTHING! And he is LOUD when he giggles or is babbling. He's so alert now it's awesome. I love this age!!! Everyday, when we wake up he does something new:-)


squished - October 17

Hey guys! Our ds just turned 4 months. I love this question as I was curious too. Our lo gets up about 8 and we get ready for the day, eat, and then he usually plays on his activity mat and we go out back and look at the lizards and the birds at the feeder. Nap about 10, but only for about 30-45 mins. We try to get out of the house with errands after this nap after he eats and he'll snooze in the car or in the store for a bit. He loves to nap for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. We spend time playing on the bed like when I fold laundry I dance around with it and he thinks it's hilarious. We swing and loves his bouncy seat. I still have a dirty house though, I seem to have him with me a lot, like carrying him around the house. Are you guys like this or are your houses spotless? I have a hard time coming up with activities sometimes, so any suggestions are welcome. We did start a strollerfit cla__s today so that was a lot of fun, but I'm sore :)


aliciavr6 - October 18

DD wakes up at 7:30 usually for the day. She eats (only a little), gets dressed, changed, etc. and watches Baby Signing Time in her bouncer with some toys while I get ready for work. Drop her off. Pick her up at 6pm. She's usually stinky so she gets a bath, then fed. Plays in her bouncer or jumper for a few minutes. Fed again, and goes down to bed around 8pm. Wakes up once between 4am and 6am to eat.


britt_m - October 18

Well, my day varies quite a bit. We get up at 6:30am, talk and goo to each other and she eats (bf). I usually set her in her walker, she loves to stand, while I get ready. We are at work by 9 am (daycare), I feed her and lay her down. Then whenever she wakes up I feed her and sit her on a blanket with some toys, all the little ones come to her and try to play and give her the binky, so cute. She can sit una__sisted for brief periods, til she grabs for a toy too far away, lol. She can also stand for brief periods, she gets giddy and giggly and will loose her balance. She will take 2-3 naps during the day and eat every 3 hours. We get home at 6pm. She nurses, has a bowl of rice cereal, a bath and nurses again right before bed. She wakes up around 2-3am and again at 4:30am (DH's alarm), then stays awake for an hour and we get back up at 6:30am : S.



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