4 Months Shots And Weight Question

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emilysmommy - May 31

Hi ladies, my dd goes in for her 4 month shots next week and I'm wondering how they went for those who have done it? She did fine on her 2 month shots but she is so much more aware of everything now and I'm worried how she's gonna do this time around. Also, how much did your babies weigh at their 4 month check-up? Thanks in advance..:)


AudreyS - May 31

I'm Sure your little one will do fine, My DS did really well, and weighed in at 15 pounds 8 ounces, i have a big boy!!!


Annette - May 31

My son had his yesterday. It went very well, he didn´t cry with the first couple needles, the third one, the nurse explained to me, hurts a little bit for a couple minutes and that one made him cry but not for more than a few seconds. Again, Tylenol 1 hour after the shots and some more in the morning. He slept a lot but that was it. Oh, and he weighed 13.5 pounds, not too much compared to other babies but he is growing just fine.


YC - May 31

My dd weighed around 14 lbs. She did fine at the 2 months and only cried for a few seconds at the 4 month but she did get a fever and was not herself the next 48 hours. After that she was fine. Now we are gearing up for the 6 month shots in 3 weeks...YIKES!!! Good luck!


pbj - May 31

I don't really remember her weight...it was somewhere around 13 or 14 lbs. I will just say that we just had our 6 mths shots and they went VERY well, however, the 4 mths shots did not go as well. I think it was more that we were waiting a long time and she was tired etc. I'm sure it will go fine, I've just learned that it goes better when my dh and I are both there. One of us helps hold her while the other talks to her to try to distract her...works much better that way.


TinaMarie - May 31

I do not remember her weight but my daughter got a high fever with her 4 months shots. Scared the heck out of us. But the next day she was just fine. She had her 6 months shots 2 weeks ago and they were fine.


Aussie Beck - May 31

Our dd screamed when the needles went in - nearly breaks your heart! But as soon as I picked her up she was fine and was perfectly normal the rest of the day! She weighed 6kg which I think is about 13.2 pounds! Don't worry, your dd will do fine!!!


kimberley - June 1

My DD is 16 weeks (a week short of 4 months) I weighed her today, and she weighs a whopping 15.43 lbs She is a very chubby bubby...lol...she was only 6lb 9oz when she was born at 36 weeks gestation. She does have reflux though, and due to the comfort eating she did for the first 8 weeks of her life (to relieve burning in her throat) and being on anti reflux formula which has extra calories, she piled on weigt fast. I am starting her on cereal next week....I just hope she doesn't get too much fatter. Brooke has 4 bottles a day at present, 8oz a bottle she sleeps from 7pm until 7am, so I am lucky there. At her 2 month injections I was dreading it, because of the reflux, but apart from crying when they gave her the needles she had no reaction, but now she is more alert I am not looking forward to her 4 month ones.


ashtynsmom - June 1

My daughter had a harder time with the 4 mo shots than she did with the 2 month. She was better at the Dr office, but the next 48 hrs she was not herself. She was either fussy or sleepy. She didn't want to eat, and ran a fever-which did not happen with the 2 mo shots.



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