4 Week Old Rolling Over

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Katharine - September 1

When sleeping, my 4 week old manages to roll onto her belly from her side. I watched her do it last night-she throws her head over and the rest of her body rolls right on over with it. She happily stayed asleep on her belly. I went ahead and flipped her back to her side. I want to keep her safe, but really don't want to get into positioners and all that. I know with older babies, it is ok for them to sleep on their bellies once htey can roll over, but she seems too young. Any advice?


monica - September 1

my baby loves sleeping on his tummy but i only do it during the day when I can stare at him. does your baby roll if you put him/her on their back?


Katharine - September 3

I notice it only when she is lying on her side. She usually falls asleep on her side after I nurse her to sleep.


Maggie - September 3

Go to this site http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000058CC4/qid=1120421634/br=1-4/ref=br_lf_ba_4/002-6125450-7479225?v=glance&s=baby&n=542338 this is a sleep positioner that is a God-send. Sorry the url is so long.


Maggie - September 3

Take out the - between 3-38- at the end. Those two - shouldn't be there. If you can't get it that way its called the Air Flow Sleep Positioner, and its on the babies r us site. The positioner was the only way to keep my son from rolling over.


Jbear - September 5

My daughter is almost three weeks old and she can roll over, too. I asked our pediatrican about it and he said she would lose the ability to roll over soon, and then regain it in a few months. He said to keep her on her back rather than her side so she doesn't roll onto her tummy. I used a sleep positioner with my first, because she was a preemie and had to sleep on her side. It worked fine, but so would a rolled-up recieving blanket, like they use in the hospital.


Katharine - September 6

Thanks! My husband said last night that he expects her to crawl in two weeks. She is such a strong baby. She has a lot more muscle control than her sister had. I'll try to nudger her back onto her back for the time being and try the rolled up blacket for when she is on her side. Thanks Maggie for the link. If I can avoid getting a positioner, I'm going to try...just one more thing to buy AND have in bed with us!


Jbear - September 7

The positioner I bought from Walmart was only $7, in case you end up buying one. We didn't use it long enough to make it worth buying a more expensive one.


soleil - September 7

This also happend to my daughter when she was a couple of weeks old. I freaked out when I woke up and saw her sleeping on her tummy, i would suggest getting getting those sleep positioners.



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