4 Weeks And Still Hungry

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Concerned - May 2

Ben is only 4 weeks old and drinks about 7 ounces every four hours. He is a big baby, 12lb5ounces was his weight last week. He will scream until he gets more, but once he gets more (2-3ounces), he vomits. Should I feed him a diluted cereal? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


michelle - May 2

If he's vomiting that much, he's probably not really hungry but just wants to suck. Try giving him a pacifier. Also ask your doctor to check if he has reflux or some other problem. Don't give him cereal if he's vomiting. Babies cry for a lot of reasons besides hunger. It really does sound as if you are overfeeding him.


Audrea - May 3

It really depends on how much he vomits and if that is what is he doing rather than just spitting up. How much comes back up and how much does he eat before it comes back up. You also need to look at his stomach area when he vomits. Does it look like it has wave motions in it when he does this? And also, is it very forceful when he does vomit? So what is the character of the vomit when it comes up and how does it come back up? There is a condition known as pyloric stenosis. That is when the stomach drains and it gets backed up. The opening of the outlet will not open properly called stenosis. Kind of like a valve in the heart with stenosis causing regurgitation. It does the same thing in the abdomen and finally when the pressure builds up enough it can cause forceful vomiting of undigested formula or b___stmilk. This congenital defect is easy to fix with laparascopic abdominal surgery. This can also be something known as Reflux or simply spitting up, depending on how much is coming up per day. Other things would also have to be ruled out, like Cystic Fibrosis with a simple sweat test for chloride, or something like that. I just had a brain fart. ...... I hope this helps you and does not scare you.................


Hi - May 7

I agree with Michelle does sound like you are overfeeding him. Although I have a girl, and she may need less, I was feeding her almost half of what you are feeding him now at 4weeks.


Maureen - May 7

You know, I'd take him to the Dr. or your local clinic that specializes in infants and ask them before doing anything. I wouldn't give him any cereal yet, ask your Dr. First. Hope this helps.


michelle - May 7

Pyloric babies can shoot vomit across a room. Formula-fed ones tend to become dehydrated pretty fast. You'd notice something wrong if your baby had pyloric stenosis.


JenniferB - May 8

Is it possible that he is drinking it too fast and doesn't realize that he is full? Are you using a nipple with a small hole? Maybe four hours is too long for him to go. Try giving him a smaller amount every two or three hours. Just some suggestions as to what the problem may be. Check with his doctor and see what he thinks. I was told by my pediatrician that babies can't handle cereal until 4 mos. They aren't able to digest it properly. I do know that many mom's when we were kids put it in our bottles long before 4mos. Good luck


Maleficent - May 9

my first thought was over feeding, my second thought was reflux. whatever the cause, this is a question for the doctor. i would NOT give cereal. if your doctor recomends cereal i would get a second opinion. (sadly there are ALOT of doctors out there who give very bad advice, you need to be careful) even if you are not brestfeeding talking to a lactation consultant might be worth a try, they are experts on infant nutrition. good luck to you!


Kathrine - May 9

I would try a little bit of cereal. I have a son who is six weeks with almost the same problem. They tested him for pyloric stenosis and thank goodness it came back negative. So what my doctor and I did was change his formula to soy milk and added a half tsp of rice cereal for every ounce of milk. Ever since then he hasn't thrown up anymore. You might need to try a different formula but a little bit of cereal will not hurt him. They just tell you to start off with rice. I was feeding my oldest son cereal at 1 month and he did perfectly fine. No problems with anything.


Pamela - June 2

Get some rice cereal and add 1 tbsp. per 4-5 ozs. of milk. You may have to increase the opening in the nipple so he can get it easier. Good Luck


Toya - June 2

Yeah, that's way too much for a 4 week old. I think he has a strong rooting reflex and he wants to be comforted by sucking...like the other ladies said, try a pacifier. I b___stfeed, and so usually the last 5 minutes of the feed, the baby is just sucking for recreational purposes...It's very soothing. The 2-3 ounces of milk is milk that he probably didn't need...more than 4 oz is out of the norm for his age.


P - June 3

He also may be mistaking an upset tummy for hunger pains. My daughter would constantly b___stfeed; it seemed she couldn't get enough. I did some researc online and it sounded like she had a lactose intolerance. I stopped eating dairy (except for the lactose-free milk in my tea and coffee) and her tummy has stopped rumbling like it was because her gas has been reduced so dramatically and she doesn't seem to be so hungry anymore. Put your ear to his tummy to see if you can hear it bubbling; it may indicate too much gas. Ask your doctor before you give him cereal.



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