4 Yo Boys Question As I M At A Loss

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crh - February 6

My oldest boy just turned 4 last week and for the past 1-2 months he has been constantly touching himself. I know this is completely natural and what not and we don't give him a hard time or anything about it, but he does it ALL the time. Every night he falls asleep with his pants down and his hands on his winkie (for lack of a better word). Plus he does it when he's watching cartoons, reading a story and playing in his room. We've told him that it's a private thing to do when you're by yourself in your room as he was starting to whip down his pants in the living room no matter who's arond. Any one else have any experience with this and is it common for kids this young to be doing this all the time?


sophandbob - February 6

It is very common and it sounds like you are on the right tracks. How is he responding to what you are saying? Is it easing off? Maybe go down the hygiene route. Maybe ask him why he does it, and discuss different ways in which he can comfort himself or do with his hands. He will grow out of it!


rl- - February 6

well I have 3 boys and my oldest is 17yrs old I know he did the same thing but not ever in front of anyone...and my 8yr old well I think I have caught him a couple of times in the tub or something but never in front of others that seems kinda strange that he is doing that so much I know it is normal but that seems like alot....your dh needs to tell him to stop it now and maybe have a chat with his pedi not trying make you worry or anything I guess some boys just do it more than others but what seems weird is he just does it in front of anyone and that could cause problems when he starts school these days they have no tollerence for anything and I would not want to see him get into big trouble ya know what i mean...good luck!! ( :


ash2 - February 6

I had the SAME post about this a while back....i will try to bring it yp. From what the girls told me, it was very normal that i should never tell him not to do it, but i would probably tell him not to do it in front of people. Ask him if its itching....o hurting him....just explain to him it is a very private thing and needs to be done in his room....by himself. Tell him you know it feels good to touch it, and it is normal, b___that it needs to be done by himself. Talk to DH...i did and i felt lots better. He says it is normal and he did it as far as he can remember. He will probably admit that he does it now ( trust me, they all do ) ...for a while there i thought i was raising a pervert, but its completly normal : )


mandee25 - February 6

Oh boy, my ds is 11 weeks old. I am not looking forward to that conversation with him if that problem arises.


lexa - February 6

Oh mandee, it will arise! I think all boys go through this stage. It is very normal. The ladies gave great advice. Just explain it to him and it is a private thing. My son is 9 now and I remember all of this clearly. Just don't bring it up in a way that he would become ashamed or embara__sed. Oh and by the way, my son still falls asleep with his hand in his pants!


lexa - February 6

Oh, and I remember my son saying his "winkie didn't feel right and stuck to his leg" (he likes boxers). I think they are now trying to adjust to this stuff between their legs.


crh - February 6

I always make sure I don't embara__s him or anything like that 'cause I know all the boys (and a lot of girls too) will do that. Hubby is not much help as he doesn't quite know how to handle the situation. As if I do any better!! at least its preparing me for my youngest son who is 7 months. By then we should be experts!!



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