5 Mo Pp And Still FAT

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squished - November 24

Ok, our ds is 5 months and I am still FAT!!!! I only gained 26 pounds to begin with and I still have 15 pounds to lose!!! After 5 months!! I go to Strollerfit class 3 times a week, walk almost every day, work and I don't eat fried foods or anything like that and it won't go away!!!! AHHHHH.......just needed to vent, thanks :)


lin7604 - November 25

ahh. same thing here kinda. I gained 35 lbs and by week 5 it was all gone. I still had the losse jiggly yummy but i was back to my pre prego weight. I thiought " Oh my GOD that was so easy, who knew it would be that easy"! When ds was almost 3 months we went on a winter holiday ( without him) and i was wearing my bikini again. Well about 1 month after that it all started to creap back on me! I was goin for 3 walks a day for about 1 hr each andi was watching my portions and fat intake, etc but the weight kept on coming back. BY summer when he was 6 months i was 12 lbs heavier? SO now we are heading back for our winter hoiday in Jan and i am working so hard to get that 12 lbs off but it is so hard anf frustraiting, i just didn't understand why with all the exercise i was doing ( more then ever before ) i was heavier?


sunniesmile - November 25

i sooo feel you!!! i can't get these last 7 pounds off for anything...i already eat decent and sure i could eat less but then be starvin' all the time, and i workout but i could do more but then see my sweet, precious daugther less...so i don't know - its soooooo frustrating!!! i didn't realize how hard it would be to pull of this weight - oh yeah dd is 5 months also....but you know what gives me hope - the whole 9 months on, 9 months off saying b.c the weight i am now - i can not fit into jeans i use to wear at this same weight pre-pregnancy -- its my body --you know ...so please everything shrink back down before i go nuts PLEASE!!! good luck!!


excited2bemama - November 25

dd is 6 months next week.. still 11 lbs to go here.. eating healthy , b___stfeeding, and walking... its taking forever to go away!!


kristine - November 25

Me too!!! My son is 6 months old (almost 7) and I still have 12 pounds to go. I'm b___stfeeding, walking and trying to eat healthy. I am very hungry all the time though due to the b___stfeeding!! Ahhhh


sunniesmile - November 25

girls - i am glad to hear i am not alone :) squished thanks for posting :)!!


qdogs_navywife3 - November 25

I am so glad to hear I am not the only one. I gained almost 23lbs. My dd is now 3 months and I have only lost 12lbs. I have 11 to go. But even after losing the weight I gained I know I will still have the baby belly from stretching. It so sucks. How do you get rid of that.


lin7604 - November 26

sorry sunniesmile i don't believe that saying at all, it's full of poo poo! My ds is 13 months now adn like i mentioned before i was walking u times a day each for 1 hr adn eating healthy and i gained weight when he was 5 months or so and i still have that 10 lbs to lose? Considering i had lost it all by 5 weeks pp.?


sunniesmile - November 26

awwhh lin7604 don't tell me that - it's the only hope i have while NONE - believe me - NONE of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit - i just don't understand the extra wide hips and thicker waist...you know i use to say pre-pregnancy "my body shouldn't change too much, my hips are already as wide as a house" but boy was i wrong -i so wished i had appreciated what i had then ..sigh :) i am being a little dramatic but how i do wish my clothes would fit...


mommybabyboy21 - November 27

I gain 50 pounds and only lost 20 so I have 30 to go and work out three times a week and walk every day and only eat good foods. and I haven't lost any weight in three weeks. I am super depressed about it too, but I thought it was because of my pcos but because i am bf I refuse to take my medication. I plan on bf for at least the first 1 then after that hopefully the weight will come off. but now that it is winter NOTHING fits me and I keep putting off buying clothes because they are so expensive for me because I have to buy custom made jeans I am 6'2" all legs I have a 37 1/2 inseam. So I don't want to shell out $$$ for jeans I only plan to wear for three months. Especially because money is super tight.


Crystal83 - November 27

I hear ya, I'm 3 mos. pp and I gained 45lbs during pregancy and have 25 to lose still, and I just can't seem to motivate myself to get off my b___t and do something about it. I hate being at home by myself all day and just laying around. Exercise to me rightnow is just doing my daily housework....I keep saying I should join a gym or something but I never do maybe I'm a bit depressed, I don't know. I'm thinking about trying some products from this website I found called afterbaby.com it has stuff for women who are even b___stfeeding to help them lose weight. Check out the site yourselves, it looks interesting!


eclectic66 - November 29

I have found that losing the weight has not been the issue for me, but rather the changing of my shape!! I have never had hips and since pregnancy my belly is wider and thicker than before so all of my pre-prego pants fit really bizzare! They ride below my belly and because of that I look like one of those baggy pant teenagers....lol If I was to get a size that would fit my newly expanded waistline then the pants would be HUGE everywhere else on me so I am at a loss. I am 4 months pp btw. I also have found that lugging around my 20 lb 4 month old I have built up a lot of leg and arm muscles so I am happy there, but I think I am doomed for an eternity to have the jelly belly!! Agggg.


cam - November 29

ugh! tell me about it!!! i'll be 6 mon. pp on the 9th and i have about 10 lbs. to go! i feel like a beached whale! and since i'm bf'ing my lo, my appet_te has shot through the roof! i could totally enter an eating contest and win!!! hahaha!!! i was 119 pre-prego and by the end of my pregnancy i was 170!!!... keep in mind ladies i'm only 5'1...



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