5 Month Old Babies Sleeping

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SuzieQ - March 10

Hi, I was wondering how other 5 month old babies are sleeping at night. My dd usually goes to sleep around 10 pm with me in bed, then my dh puts her in her crib around midnight. She wakes around 3am, 5am and 730 am to eat. I am just wondering if I shouldn't feed her at the 5am feeding, just rock her back to sleep. I'm not sure she needs to eat three times after falling asleep. Anyone else? thanks :)


CaliTrish - March 10

Hi, my DS just turned 5-months on Thursday. He's been going to bed around 7:30pm. I usually end up feeding him at 2:30am and 6:30am. If I feed him before I go to bed, I end up feeding him again around 4:30am. Your DD can obviously go 5 hours without eating, so you should be able to give up the 5am feeding. You could try giving her a pacifier at 5am instead and/or feeding her a little more at the earlier feedings. However, she might wake up a little earlier than 7:30am for her next feeding.


luviduvi - March 10

Hi, not telling you what to do w/ your own child but I would try to get your lo back to sleep w/o feeding. They get used to it and they will establish unhealthy sleep patterns. My ds is 5 mths today. He goes down at 7:30 pm and wakes up between 6-7am. When on occasion he does get up in the motn, I reposition him in his crib and hold his bink in his mouth then he's back to sleep and now he's learning to get back to sleep on his own. My dd was like this too. You have to train babies and have a bedtime routine. That is what has always worked for me. I know the couple times that someone has watched ds at night he has woken up and they have fed him, he would get up at the same time for the next few nights b/c he thought he was going to get fed. I had to retrain him...


Hana - March 10

Hi Suzie, i dont think they are supposed to wake up for a feed as long as they are getting their nutritional needs during the day. At that age they are 'supposed' to have 4-5 feeds (mine has 7-8 lol) and if last feed is at 10:30-11 and its a good feed that should last them until 6-7 ideally. Ds used to wake up those exact times as well but we managed the cut back the 3am after adding the 10:30 feed and giving him water or diluted juice at 5 so that he got used to not waking to eat out of habit. The book i read was suggesting the following times for feeds: 7 am, 11am 2:30, 5 and 7pm. I also add 2 heaped teaspoons of cereal in his last feed. Once your dd starts on solids she should cut back on feeds too..good luck.


falafal0 - March 10

Well, my LO is now just over 6 months, and for the past two months or so, he's been sleeping for most of the night - from around 9 or 10pm, through to anywhere ebtween 4-6am, if I'm lucky, a bit later. Sometimes he needs a bottle, other times a dummy will do it. My other three kids were terrible sleepers right up until around 3 years of age, so while this lasts, I'm LOVING it!


drea - March 10

My dd is 5 months and WAS sleeping through the night, but now is waking again. She goes to bed around 7:30 and usually wakes up around 3-4 am. I try everything I can NOT to give her a bottle. My ped said it is really bad for them to eat b/t 11pm and 5am, but its my kid and if she's hungry I will feed her. Also my dd is BIG so I think she needs a little more to tide her over. She also has solids during the day (cereal and veggies). Her normal bottle during the day is 8 oz, but if I must feed her in the middle of the night I only give her 4 oz and that holds her until 7 - 7:30am. Suzie, have you tried putting your dd to bed a little earlier? Does she take good naps during the day. Maybe she is overtired and thats why shes not sleeping so good. Just an Idea, hope this helps.


luviduvi - March 10

Yea, they say any baby over 11 lbs can go through the night w/o nutrition. However....I don't think that you lo eating once a night is too big a deal just yet but he seems like he's getting up quite a bit.


lexa - March 10

My dd is 5 months and was (I stress was) a great sleeper. She would get bath at 8 then night feeding and go to bed around 8:30-9. She would wake once sometime between 2:30-3:30 for a feeding and back to sleep. She would however wake anytime between 5:30 - 7 and stay up for the day (until nap). So what Im saying is....she would only wake up once. How much is your lo eating at 3am before going back to sleep and waking at 5? If she is eating the same amount at both feedings...maybe try a little more at the the 3am to eliminate the 5am. Just a suggestion.


lin7604 - March 10

my ds is 4.5 months and was getting really good only waking once ( various times each day) and a few twice a night feeds, he aslo occasionally slept through a hand full of times. Then the last few nights he has been terrible! he has been waking every 2 hrs! He ends up eating at each one 7oz. i tried everything first to get him back to sleep as i would think how can he possible be hungry, he just ate 2 hrs ago but he eats adn a whole bottle too. he eats a 8 oz bottle before bed and had cereal 3 times a day as well and he still ended up eating 50oz! I just don't know what isgoing on with him right now, he had a growth spurt 2 weeks ago and i don't think he can have another one so slose together? I worked so hard getting him down to 2 feeds a night max and now i am worried he is going to get back into the habit of eating more again! Only once i got him to take his soother last night but then he woke 40 min later screaming more intensly. he went to bed at 8:30 and woke every 2 hrs right till 6am.


SuzieQ - March 10

Thank you so much for all your answers! I truly appreciate reading how everyone else is doing and trying. Like you LEXA, my dd 'was' only waking once per night - then we went to my parents for 3 nights of hell and she hasn't recovered yet. Last night she got sick, has a low fever and cold symptoms and has only been sleeping for a few hours at a time. When she gets better, I think I will try just cuddling her instead of feeding her each time at night and see how it goes. I always let her eat as much as she wants each time she feeds, day and night, and I'm not sure how much she's actually getting (bfing). She won't take a pacifier, but I will keep trying it - I've tried a few kinds now too. Thanks again :)


Deirdra - March 10

my DS is 5 months in 3 days...he basically slepes through the night and if he does at all get up its a 2 am feeding he goes down anywhere form 8 to 9 and then sleeps until 6-8...


ash2 - March 10

We lay DS down around 8 pm, and he wakes again for a bottle around midnight. Then he is asleep untill around 6 am . I give him another bottle and then he sleeps till 7 am and we are up for the day. Sometimes he sleeps through the night, but sometimes he doesnt. I wouldnt worry too much about it. All babies are different and adjust in their own way.


KLT - March 10

My son will be 5 months in 3 days and usually goes to bed anywhere between 7-8pm. He'll wake up several times though and the only way he'll fall asleep to begin with is if he eats. By 10-ish he is completely out until about 3am when he wakes up hungry. Sometimes he'll wake up thru the night and graze a bit and then fall out again (we cosleep). By 5:30am he is fully awake and ready to play. He used to wake around 6am, eat and be ready for the day. Now he's waking earlier and not hungry until about 7:30am.



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