5 Months Downward Spiral As Day Goes On

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squished - November 7

Our ds is almost 5 months and is generally a happy baby. Lately though as the day goes on he is getting more and more unpredictable. He naps well in the morning and around noon and then after that noon nap he just won't nap!! Unless we go in the car somewhere. He'll meltdown before bed b/c he's so tired and I don't know what to do. He's never been a big napper, more of a catnapper. And yes I've tried the baby whisperer things, as he is on a great routine....well, was until we went on vacation to CO and TX. I just can't get him down for the 1.5 to 2 hour naps that everyone else's lo's sleep, unless we are in the car and running errands. Any ideas or someone having the same issues?


suze42 - November 7

My DS was the same....every few months i swear it was like he would completely change and I had to start over again with the routine. For months i had to drive DS around for him to take his afternoon nap. And it seemed he never slept as long as other babies seemed to. But the good news is this will change also. Once they start crawling and moving more, they will poop themselves out. My DS is 5yrs old now...and my DD is 4mos...shes not the best napper either. And shes very difficult to get down at night. The only thing that gets me thru is KNOWING it doesnt last forever...well that and her adorable smiles. Hang in there. And keep driving if it gives you some peace. Buy some good CD's, get a diet coke and enjoy the quiet.


docbytch - November 8

my boy is a c___ppy napper for me. especially during the long stretches where I have him totally alone with no one else around. He also sleeps like...not for very long spurts at all at night. ALWAYS hungry. He is better during the times his dad cares for him when he is home. It's like we were gifted with Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. Only I get Mr Hyde!!


MNMOM - November 8

squished - my son will rarely nap for 1.5-2 hours either, I think that is just his temperment. At most he will nap for an hour at a time, but that is only once a day. Otherwise he takes several 10-20 minute cat naps. It is frustrating for sure on the days when he gets himself over tired and is harder to put to bed at night but I have just had to accept that this is the way he is going to be :)


Allisonc79 - November 8

My dd will sometimes sleep 2-3 hrs, then the next day maybe sleep 45 min. But she is still always out between 7-8 at night. So I figure thats my quiet time. I always figured the less they nap the longer they will sleep at night!



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