5 Months Old Enough To Cry It Out

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angiearts - April 17

My dd has never slept through the night. The longest she would sleep is 4 hours, but lately she has been waking up every 2 hours or so, has about anywhere from 1/2-4 ozs of formula, and goes back to sleep. We are feeding her cereal for lunch and a whole container of vegetables around 7 at night. Every night she goes to bed around 8. Is she old enought to let her 'cry it out' and if so, how do I go about doing it? I don't just leave her cry all night do I? Do I take baby steps and the first time she gets up let her cry for 10 minutes and gradualy increase the time? I'm just not sure how to do it. Any advice on those who have made it work would be greatly appreciated. I would be fine with her getting up once at night, but every 2 hours is really getting old when you have to be up for work at 5:30 every day.


Jamie - April 17

I don't know anything about CIO, but another solution is to try and give her more solids during the day, and then, when she wakes at night, instead of feeding her, give her a pacifier, and pat her on the b___t/back/stomach until she settles again.


angiearts - April 17

She will not take a pacifier at all. we have tried 5 differnt kinds and she spits them all out. when we try just patting or rubbing her stomach or chest, she starts crying more. We have given her just water instead of formula and sometimes that works, but not all the time. It seems the only way to settle her is to give her the bottle which now I am afraid we have 'trained' her to get back to sleep with. Sometimes we can just rock her back to sleep without the bottle, but again not always. Everyone kept telling me (inclding dr) that if she is eating when she wakes up then she needs to eat, but I think it seems more like comfort to her and I'm afraid I already messed up as a mother by letting it go on so long- but Iisten to other people since I've never done this before.


Jbear - April 17

I hate to say it, but usually if they wake up and cry for more than a few minutes at a time, they're not going back to sleep until you do something. To me, CIO refers to the baby crying when they're put in the crib for the night, not waking up to cry. CIO works for some people because some babies just need to unwind by crying for a little while before they fall asleep. How many ounces of formula does your daughter drink at a time during the day? If she's waking up to drink half an ounce during the night, I think it's a comfort thing. When I was trying to eliminate the night feeding, I quit turning on any light but a nightlight when I got up, didn't talk to my baby or make eye contact...basically I made waking up during the night a very boring thing to do. I also didn't change her diaper then unless it had a real problem. Maybe you should ask the pediatrician about the night feedings...there might be some great strategy that the pediatrician knows about.


Jamie - April 17

Hey now...don't worry! You haven't messed up as a mother. She's alive, healthy, and happy, right? Right...okay...so the problem is still that she's hungry - if it were a comfort thing, I doubt that it would as regular as every two hours. Does she eat every 2 hours during the day, as well, or is it just at night? If she's doing it during the day, try to space out the feedings a bit...if she's eating at 7, and hungry again at 9, make her wait til 9:15 - it won't hurt her, but she will be hungry enough to eat a little bit more than normal. If she gets hungry again at 11:15, make her wait til 11:30 - just push each feeding back a little bit, because the longer she waits, the more she'll eat. Try giving her veggies at lunch, too, mixed with the cereal, and veggies again at night. Gradually there will be more in her tummy to keep her happy through the night. Try playing soft music in her room at night while she's sleeping - it helps my daughter.


jg - April 17

Hi angiearts. We let our son CIO from 2 weeks. I don't regret it at all and we have had ha__sle-free sleep routines from then - it was definately worth it. This is how we did it: Let baby CIO for 5 mins, go in - pat her bum, give her a kiss and go back out, leave it ten minutes this time, then go back in and do the same. Now leave it 15 mins, go in and re-settle, and then leave it 20 mins. Never leave it longer than 20 minutes before you go back in to re-settle. Eventually bub will get tired of crying and will sleep. THis takes a few days to get happening, and although it is really really hard, it is important not to give in and go in to pick her up. Even though at the time you think you baby is crying solidly, if you listen carefully, you will notice that she will have a few seconds between cries, then will start up again, but these breaks will get longer and longer until she gives in and sleeps. Like I said it is hard to listen to, but well worth the effort for you all to get a good nights sleep.


Bonnie - April 17

We did CIO as well suggested by his doc. He said CIO usuaaly goes by weight when their tummy is ig enough to last over night. Mason weighed 16 pounds at 9 weeks so we did it then. Very similar to what JG said. It is very hard but worked well and Mason now routinely sleeps 10-12 hours every night. But I agree with JBear. Yes your daughter is old enough, but if she was sleeping before and waking up now there may be a reason for it. I would check into everything before attempting the CIO and make sure nothing else is wrong. She may be going through a growth spurt as well.


HannahBaby - April 17

It also doesnt matter how much you feed her before she goes to bed. It depends on how much calories she has throught out the day. Thats why alot of people give their baby a BIG bed time bottle, but all that willdo is cause a BIG WET diaper. Also, dont feed her so closteto her bed time. I know that eating alot before bed as an adult will allow you to fall asleep right away, but will wake u up several times in the night. I dont agree with CIO but to each his own. Good luck


LisaB - April 17

I am going through the same exact thing with my ds he is also 5 month so if you figure out a way to get her to sleep through the night please let me know. Even 4-5 hours a time would be nice.


Happy Mom - April 17

She is probably teething and looking for comfort. Or at 5 months her body isn't ready for so much solid food and she is having a sore tummy and that is waking her up. I know that I get thirsty in the night sometimes and wake for a drink. I am going to start a post about everyone's definition of sleeping through the night.


Kt - April 17

My dd is/was the same way and I discoved this weekend that she is teething. She cut one tooth already and is trying to cut 2 more. But she is waking up more than ususal and still wants a bottle inthe middle of the night. I decided that i am going to TRY to let her CIO starting at 6 months. I have a feeling she crys sometimes because she knows that i will come to her rescue. But i feel horrible letting her do it if she is in pain from her teeth. It's a hard situation. But if i know she is well fed and changed, i don't have a problem let her cry herself back to sleep...as hard as it is going to be for me. But IMO, for you i would start with baby steps and then by the end of a week or two maybe you will see some improvement. Good luck. I am in the same boat as you, i have to be up at 5:30am and it gets exhausting by the end of the week.


Kt - April 17

Oh I forget to say that my dd gets really ga__sy from veggies so I give her cereal and veggies/fruit for lunch time and she does much better. Your little one might have a tummy ache from the food at nigth. Or maybe you want to try to feed her a little bit earier than usual!


joeysmom - April 17

I just went to the doctor for my son's four months check-up. I asked the doctor about this b/c I can not get my son to sleep in his crib. She said he is not too young and to put him in there and go back every 5-10 minutes and pat him just so he knows you are still there but don't take him and rock him or try and feed him or anything b/c then it starts all over. She said to do it before six months b/c then they can get seperation anxiety. I haven't tried it yet, but I am going to this weekend when my husband does not have to work so he can help me.


Ca__sieSong - April 18

I know this goes against what other moms on here have said, but from what I have read, teething does not cause nightwaking. That is only what I have read though.... Also, waking every 2 hours for a 5 month old is too much... she does not need to eat this often. Our dd began waking up more often around 3.5 months... she had been sleeping 8 hour stretches at 10 weeks. At her 4 month appt., the ped said to let her CIO. She was at a great weight and could and should be able to sleep through the night. We are still in the first week of it and it is going fairly well. I have an 8 hour rule (ped says she could go longer, but oh well). I do not go in to get her until 8 hours has pa__sed from her last feeding. So, that is usually around 3:30-4 in the morning. She will then eat 7 oz and go back to sleep until 7 or so. If you go in every 5 minutes to pat the baby, it will take longer for baby to fall asleep. We've been using the extinction method- we don't go in at all. If she wakes up now before 8 hours has elapsed, she will only cry shortly and then fall back to sleep. The first night of CIO, she cried for about 45 minutes, but it was not a bad cry and was intermittent. I personally think 5 months is a good age to do this. When they are older, they have more stamina and the method takes longer to work.



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