5 Months Today And Still Hasnt Turned Over

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Andrews Mommy - December 31

Andrew is 5 months today and has turned from back to tummy a few times but cannot turn from tummy to back yet! Any one else have late turners?!


monica - December 31

Andrew is fine...from what I can remember the doctor told me that turning from back to tummy is a 6 month milestone...so he is ahead on that part....my son did the same thing he started that way but now he can turn all over the place.....Wait a couple of weeks he will turn from tummy to back....


Andrews Mommy - December 31

Thanx Monica! I will keep cheering him on when he lifts his little bumm in an attempt, I am sure you are right, shouldnt be too much longer now! LOL, I wouldnt be so worried but now I am paranoid that he will turn over in the middle of the night, spit up and not be able to move his face out of it...... I know, I know, I am having silly thoughts but I cant help it!


HEATHER - December 31

thats funny, my dayghter did belly to back about a month ago but not the other way.


monica - December 31

Andrews Mommy....I lay caleb right next to the crib rail because he seems to roll towards the right more...I have not had a problem with him turning in his crib because of this.


Christy - December 31

My little one is only almost 8 weeks old, so it is too soon to say. However, my friends' son still wasn't rolling at 8 months. He could sit independently at 4 months and stand with support independently at 6 or 7 months, though.


Narcissus - December 31

My son was a late turner but took his first step yesterday at 9 months. Don't worry. My guess is your baby is very content and does not fuss a lot? True?


Ruby - December 31

My daughter tured 5 months on the 28th and she has not rolled either way so.....I think every baby is different Also I think that I dont put her on her stomach enough . From the time she was born I was so super parinoid about SIDS that I always kept her on her back , now Im really trying to do tummy time good luck


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 31

I think my 4 mo old son does not try to turn from tummy to back because he was never on his belly enough. I was not scared of sids, but Lucas has acid reflux and it was always painful for him to be on his belly. Now he is getting older and can roll to his tummy, and lift his head way up while on his belly, he still has no inkling of how to try to turn himself back over. He is kind of lazy and only rolls the one way when he really feels like it! Some babies go straight to sitting/standing. Now Lucas can sit una__sisted for up to 10 minutes, again, when he feels like it. He is quite tempermental, just like his mommy.



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