5 Year Old Still Passes Stool In Pants Help

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lenae - January 11

My oldest is 5 and still passes stool into his pants, we have to take him to a specialist on the 23rd. He goes #1 fine, no bedwetting or accidents in 2 years, but getting him to go #2 is hit and miss. He's 5 so he is well past the age of training, but he doesn't know he has to go until he's literally going in his pants and its a mad dash to a toilet, and usually ends in putting on a clean pair of underwear. Praying he doesn't have to have surgery and its psychological for his sake, but I just don't know how to fix the problem, the kid eats plenty. He fights some veggies but generally eats them, fruit too. We have to give him mineral oil to help soften his stools, otherwise they are huge and painful. Has anyone else experienced this with their children? any advice?


lenae - January 11

OOPS, Hit submit before I was done. He says he doesn't know the poop is there until it is coming out. He is so frustrated with the whole thing I am afraid he's giving up. None of the schools in my area take kids who have potty issues so he didn't start school this year like I had hoped, but I have to have him registered this spring for next years term. My doctor suggested trying to give him enough mineral oil to induce diarrhea and I gave him 6 teaspoons but that didn't do anything. I looked you conditions of the bowel in kids his age and there 2 things I think it could be. 1 is encopresis and the other is Hirschsprung's (sp) disease. Guess thats why I am taking him to a specialist, to try to rule out either possibility.


ash2 - January 11

Maybe you should try giving him something else to soften his stools. Maybe a different type of laxative. The mineral oil may be too much for his intestines. Have you tried something natural like warm applejuice or prunes ?


Lisastar9 - January 11

en.allexperts.com/q/Pediatrics-1429/potty-training-five-year.htm My neice is having to have to use this method in which her parents introduced her too due to the fact she has BM in her underwear too at 5.5 years old. BTW the Dad called me on this problem less then a week ago to. Hope things get better for your son. ash2 my friend had to buy mineral oil for her son too cause he was constipated too,and nothing else helped her with her son . Seems nto be a common solution ped give for meds.


lenae - January 11

I tried prune juice, and a childrens laxative. Neither had any effect. I am going to check out that site now, thanks for the input.


Lisastar9 - January 11

Pediatrics-1429/potty-training-five-year...keep the - in the webaddress please It show in my address bar when site is opened. sorry. Site is called Experts: Pediatrics. Hope you can get in.


Kara H. - January 11

I have heard a lot of mom's talking about this at work. From what I understand, this is a progressive problem. At some point early on, their stool got hard and it hurt. So next time they purposely hold it because they don't want to get hurt again. So of course it gets hard and it hurts. So they hold it longer...well you get the picture. As they keep holding it, the colon gets stretched out from all the stool being held in which caused the stool to get bigger and bigger around which of course is going to hurt more and worsen the cycle. What one of my client's ped is doing is suppositories and oral adult laxitives to get things going (which did lead to some accidents, but it did get him cleaned out), then fiber choice chewables every day as maintenance. Also, he has to sit on the toliet for 30 minutes 3 times a day and try to go. The doctor told him he would have to go to the hospital, have surgery, and stay for a whole week if they couldn't get him on a BM schedule. So the little guy has really been making an effort to pay attention to his body clues (like a tummy ach, pa__sing gas) to know when to go try for 30 to go BM. They did another lower GI recently and his colon size is starting to go back down - which means he won't need surgery.


3babies - January 12

Hi lenae, I work in this area, and agree exactly with what kara said. He will initially need a specialist to get his bowels sorted/cleared, then they tend to need a stool softenener daily as well as plenty of fibre and water. The education part is really important as these kids need to re-learn all those toilet cues. Can be a difficult time, but a good specialist will sort him out. Success rate is pretty good as long as parents are compliant and the specialist knows what they are doing! If you aren't happy with the specialist I woul see another. It sounds like he has pretty slow transit type constipation issues, so it's not something that will go away itself. Good luck!


lexa - January 12

Aw, that's awful! Poor boy! I'm sorry I b___ted in here. I honestly don't know anything on this, but I just wanted to say good luck with the specialist, and I hope things work out okay for him! I hope you'll let us know what happens. I'm sorry I don't have any advice. Just a little prayer:-)


Rabbits07 - January 13

My daughter started doingthat when she was around 6 years old. She was even haveing bm's at night in her sleep. It turned out that she was severely impacted from chronic constipation. The doctor explained it to me much the way Kara H. explained about it.......he went on to say that once all the stool impacts the colon and there's no more room that the freshly formed stool (which is still fairly soft) coming straight into the large intestine will simply ooze it's way around the impacted stool and make it's way out. (sorry if tmi)Because the colon is so stretched from the impacted stool the child does not feel the urge. Claudia had to have a few enemas and went on a regimen of MOM and Citrucel for nearly a year to get her back in line. We now use a fiber supplement to keep things going.


sophiasmom - January 14

Hi Rabbits07, what is the regimen of MOM and Citrucel? My ds is 3 yrs and he is suffering from chronic constipation. Kara, your explanation was wonderful, when ds goes #2 they are enormous (sorry tmi) so I think his colon has became enlarged. He is a very picky eater, he loves juices so I gave him prune and orange juice almost daily. He drinks water occasionally. Two hours ago, I gave him a glycerin suppository and then he fall asleep. This is the third time that I gave him the suppository and I am worry that his body has become use it and it will not have any effect.... I can't sleep just thinking about his stress to trying to do #2...



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