5wks Ear Infection

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Sindel - October 24

Hi I'm a new mother of a 5wk old baby boy. Lately hes been crying unconsolably for 3 or 4 hours at a time, sometimes longer. I thought it might be colic but I have a nurse whos been calling the house and suggested it might be an ear infection. He has no fever, was eating expressed milk but we switched to formula (enfamil lipil with iron) just the other day so i know its not that, but he roots like hes hungry but when hes offered milk or a nuk he just gets more upset. hes been rocked, bathed, changed, burped, put in a swing. Nothing seems to help unless we take him out in the car. He stays awake but stops crying. I'm not sure what his problem is. Some ppl say babies cry to cry sometimes.. but this has been happening almost everyday. Usually in the evenings to early morning hours. The nurse said it isnt normal for babies to cry this long. Anyone else have any suggestion?. Im not able to see his doctor for a couple days. Any help would be appreciated. Thx


mine too - October 24

my 6 week old was doin that a couple of weeks ago too. babies just usually have a fussy time of day and mine choose the evening. its getting better now tho. he's only mildly fussy sometimes.not as much as before


wenling - October 25

my baby did that at around that age. Try holding himupright. 1 hand on his bottom and another supporting his head. then do 'squats'. Just half squat and stand half squat and stand. This was what my neighbour's doctor taught her with her newborn with colic. I tried it when i was at my wits end and it worked!! Just a suggestion that don't cost a thing.


Amanda N - October 25

Just a thought...my daughter had 4 ear infections by time she was 2 months, she also had colic, however her cry with the ear infection was a definite pain cry and she never had a fever with any ear infection. But her head wasn't a warm feeling it was burny. Just thought I would share my experience.


Michelle - October 26

Does she have gas? They change in milk might have something to do with that. Try giving her mylcon drops. Anytime my daughter has a ear infection she runs a fever, is very fussy and it tugging at her ear.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 26

My doctor told me that babies root or suck sometimes when they have gas. My son is colicky, has acid reflux and suffers from terrible gas. Sounds like possibly ga__siness or colic to me. But checking for an ear infection just to rule it out may not be a bad idea. Usually when babies have colic it is a 3-4 hour stretch in the evening times when it is the worst.



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