6 Day Old Hates His Crib

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Stephiealisa - August 8

Hey there! My 6 day old seems to hate his crib. He sleeps ALL day but at night all he does is cry. Not only that, but when he is soundfully sleeping during the day, all I have to do is place him in his crib to get him to wake up. Is it that he does not like all the open space around him? Is it safe to swaddle a baby at night? And do you think a sleep positioner might help? Some people have suggested letting him sleep in his car seat at night but this scares me cause I worry about SIDS. Any advice would be great! Thanks!!


tish212 - August 8

my daughter slept in her car seat for the first month because she had reflux...i slept out on the couch with her car seat on the floor right next to my face...she did fine, then since she LOVED to be swaddled i bought the swaddle wraps from kiddopatomus at babies r us... i liked them better than self swaddling since she couldn't get out of those and accidentally cover her face, the second i would wrap her in it she would close her eyes and fall asleep, and wouldn't sleep without it...she is now 8 months old and no longer uses it, but she was swaddled until about 5 months old... and her ped was fine with that...so you may want to look up the wraps online or in a store near you- they are a life saver...swaddle me wraps are what they are called...go to babies r us and search swaddle they will come up instantly... :)


mjvdec01 - August 9

Babies don't like the open space. I would get a sleep positioner and use a binky if you aren't already. Sometimes if they are having trouble getting settled, all you have to do is put a couple of drops of Mylicon (gas medicine) on the nipple of the binky, it has Our daughter loved being swaddled, but Nathan hates it.


Stephiealisa - August 9

Cool! Thank you so much for the advice. I will definately check out the swaddling blankets and I plan on purchasing a sleep positioner today. I hope it all works! And tish, my boyfriend is saying "told ya so" bout sleeping in the car seat haha. Thanks again!!


Sprinkles - August 9

Im having the same problem except my daughter is 11 weeks old - she will sleep anywhere but the crib.. she will stay in there awake sometimes to watch her mobile but after it stops she freaks out and she flails her arms and kicks her legs - I even tried to let her cry it out but i couldnt take it anymore i felt so bad for her - I tried swaddling her but she kicks and movesher arms to much she gets right out of it. If you find anything that works let me know !


s_xyoreojr07 - August 31

get a ba__sinett with the vibration on it. my 4 week old wont sleep in his crib eather. so thats what i do. plus there is a vibration thing u can stick under the crib mattress its at wal-mart. i should go get 1 myself.


ACG - September 1

My son (now 6 months) wouldn't sleep in his crib (or anywhere else but on me) until he was about 4 months old. I tried everything - sleep positioner, white noise, swaddling, etc. Eventually, I gave up and just hoped he'd grow out of it, and he did. I kept trying him in the crib at least once a day, so he'd have the opportunity to sleep there if he could, but I didn't stress if he didn't. I spent a lot of time with the baby bjorn on then. My advice: if you've tried everything and they still don't sleep in their cribs, wait it out: it may just be a matter of maturity.


smmom2 - September 1

I have 3 kids....the youngest is 2 wks old. NONE of them wanted to sleep in their crib. ALL 3 of them HAD to sleep with me. It is scary cause of the whole sids thing...but if you are a light sleeper and dont roll it may be ok. My son got so mad the other night when we tried him in his crib again...he was sound asleep when I put him in there...with a positioner and swaddled...he woke up sreaming so hard, I had a hard time calming him down. ANd he doesnt normally cry much. I agree that it is a maturity thing...they all outgrew it by 6 months, but it can also be the openess of the bed. They were after all in very cramped conditions for 9 months. I am going to try my son in his car seat at night....simply beacuse he has reflux....but I dont know how he will do.


Stephiealisa - September 1

Hey ladies! Well, My son is now 1 month old. He still DOES NOT like his crib. In fact, his grandma watched him for the first time saturday night and he slept great for her in a ba__sinet. Im thinking about trying that. I hope he grows out of the whole crib thing by the time I go back to work but we will see. How long can babies sleep in a ba__sinet? Is it when they start rolling over??


sarah21 - September 2

I had the same problem with my daughter. The first two months the only time she'd sleep is when I held her. So I dedicated my life to holding her and she slept in our bed. She still spends part of the night in our bed now (she is 5 months old) but she naps independently great during the day. Don't worry about your baby not napping alone yet, he's brand new to the world and needs his mommy close by. My daughter hated the swaddle blankets because she wanted her arms free at all times and is still that way. Also, a sleepy wrap may be a lifesaver for you if you decide to let your little one nap while you hold them. It is a great, stretchy wrap that my daughter just adores. You can get one on sleepywrap.com I wish I had bought one sooner but I didn't know about them. So awesome. I hope this helps but be a__sured that it gets better!


sarah21 - September 2

Oh as far as sleeping in a ba__sinet, depending on the design, babies can sleep in there until they don't fit or start sitting up and can get themselves out of it. If your ba__sinet is very shallow then maybe you'd need to move him out earlier. My daughter usually sleeps in the ba__sinet part of our pack-n-play.


fefer1 - September 2

my daughter slept in her car seat a LOT when she was a baby because she had bad reflux. The doctor never seemed concerned about it at all. You can swaddle at night too, no problem. I used a sleep positioner as well, one that was elevated because of the reflux. My dd loved it and my ds loved it as well but he outgrew it really fast- he's a giant baby for his age. :) My ds is not liking his crib all of a sudden but he is a bit older. At 6 days they really haven't developed any sleep patterns and are much more comfortable swaddled or held tight and not left out in the open. They are used to being all tight and scrunched up.



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