6 Mo Postpartum Painful Sex

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mamaof1 - June 9

Hi. This is a personal question... I am 6 mo postpartum. Since the first time we had s_x, after 6 wk check up, it was painful, like being a virgin all over again.. the exact same pain, like there is "something in the way"..if you know what i mean.. not to mention that i absolutely have no desire for s_x.. i also bf. We try to do it regularly-like 1-2 times a week. At one point we tried to do it every other day, thinking it'll go away with time.. it doesnt. I dont know what to do..Has anyone here ever had anything similiar? is there a term or diagnosis for that?? Any help would be great. Thank you so much.


eclectic66 - June 10

I too went through the same ordeal and you may not like my answer, but it my pain did not finally go away until (drum roll please)....9 months pp!!! I didn't even have a v____al delivery which is what stuck me as odd. When I was in my 3rd trimester I remember that is when the pain began for me and it felt just like you described as if something was "in the way". I never did find out what the heck caused that pain, but all I know is that it DID finally get better and go away!! :-) GL!!!


britt_m - June 10

I had that pain it was pretty uncomfortable but we still did it regular. I'd say 7 months maybe a little later is when mine went away. Not to get to personal but it helped if we used some lube and I was "worked up." Haha!


Crystal83 - June 10

It took me almost a year after the birth of my first to be able to have s_x pain free all the time. The lube and being worked up before hand really does help too! After I had my 2nd and 3rd I didn't have any pain at all. I had all v____al births with no tears as well.


BeccaBaby1 - June 10

Me too! I'm 4.5 mo pp and I've sadly done the baby dance very few times since the little one arrived because it is so uncomfortable even with lube. I had a c-section and like eclectic I thought HUH... but I've heard similar experiences from other ladies. I am b___stfeeding so I know that contributes, but this just b__ws!


margie - June 10

oh thank god, i am so happy to hear all your answers, thank you for bringing this up mamaof1! its been a real hard thing in our relationship because they other day we tried again and it HURT just like you say like something is in the way and i had to make him stop because i was literally in tears from the pain. i agree that lube helps a little bit..not completely though. and i have no desire but im almost positive that some of that is due to the fear of the pain. i am also 6mo pp.


Gretta - June 10

OMG I completely understood this one and was so worried about it for ages. I think it was about 6-7 months before it wasn't painful for me and just now did I get my s_x drive back slightly - 6 months after I stopped nursing my dd and she is now 15 months. Hang in there. It was really hard on me and I felt guilty and felt bad for my dh. I thought I would never get my s_x drive back but it did come back a little - now if I just wasn't so tired chasing after a toddler. I had a c-section too so never understood why it was painful since I had no issues with my incision once it healed.


Malica - June 10

I don't think any amount of s_x makes it any easier. It was quite painful for me to and with the pill killing my s_x drive we took a hiatus for a few months. S_x was a lot less painful after waiting a few more months. Don't push it -- if you're not in the mood don't keep pushing yourself to have s_x -- it will become a chore and less enjoyable even when things don't hurt so much.


mamaof1 - June 11

Thanks to all you moms, for putting my mind at ease a little! I guess i have to wait it out...


kimberly - June 11

If you had an episiotomy or a tear it could be sore for a while. Your perinium goes through a lot of trauma and it can strecth and tear the muscles which take a while to heal. I also think the skin gets tight because it almost forms scar tissue from being damaged. I wish I could be of more help as to what to do for the pain but as the others have said a little lube might help. Breastfeeding can make you dry and it can also play havoc on your libido. I was more sore with my first then my other babies and if I remember right it took a good year for things to feel normal again.



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