6 Month Eye Appt

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Rans - January 24

I was told that it is now recommended that infants have their first eye appt at six months. I have made my dd's appt but am curious as to what they can tell at six months? Is it just eye development?


piratesmermaid - January 24

Really? I hadn't heard of that so young. Gretchen's 6months and 1week old. Hmmm...


Nerdy Girl - January 24

My now 4 year old daughter has been seeing an eye doc since 12 mos because of a drifting eye. I asked her opthamologist doc if I should have my new baby checked and he said not this early, only if there is a problem.


Rans - January 24

Wow, I was told by both doctor and our optomitrist to make sure we get her checked at 6 mos. OHIP even covers the appt. I will keep the appt and find out more then. Thanks for the input.


sahmof3 - January 24

Mine have never had eye appts. this early, either.


ash2 - January 24

Not here, either...


shelly - January 25

my ds has what i think it is a drifting lazy eye and is seeing a eye doctor next week, my doc told me at the 6 week check when i mentioned the eye problem that they would see my ds at 6 months ,because they would hope that it would be corrected itself if it was going to by this time,but ive not heard of the first eye appointment for that age, maybe its a new thing theve brought out.


ashtynsmom - January 25

My dd is 12 mos, and her ped checks her eyes at each appt, but that is it.


kellens mom - January 25

Dd's ped (also a friend of dh and I) told us that at the 6 month checkup they look to see if both eyes are aligned correctly. He explained that it is easy to do with a light or a flash light. You know how eyes sparkle as they reflect the light. All they do is make sure that each of the eyes reflect the light at the same point. I sure hope that make sense. Anyway, he showed us right in the office. Maybe a better way to explain it is to look at a photograph of someone. You should see a bit of light reflecting from them. The light should reflect in the same spot on both eyes. At the nine month, he quickly flashed the light in her eyes and said that he got a lot of red reflection (equal to red eye in the camera). This suggests that the eyes are capable of gathering light well...which is a good thing. I think it is strange that you should have to go for a specific eye appointment. As mentioned, our ped is a family friend...he loves dd and would have us jump through hoops if it was necessary - yet he has never mentioned an eye appointment. I would call your doc to see if he suspects something is wrong.


Rans - January 26

Hi all. I actually did ask my doctor (she is also my dd doctor, no ped here, we live in a very small town with a visiting ped every couple months from the city) so we have just a family physician, but anyway, she said that she is a strong advocate of ensuring her patients see the optomitrist at 6 mos because they can actually diagnose certain problems that early. She really encourages her patients to go as her youngest was diagnosed with some eye problem (she said in medical terms and didn't mean much to me) and they were able to completely correct it with patches and some drops, she said it took about a year of wearing patches for a certain amount of time each day, but now the problem is not a concern. She said that if this problem was not diagnosed at the six month appt the optomitrist figured that he would have had serious vision problems. So I guess it is worth the time for the appt. Like I said it won't cost us anything, and I respect the advice of our doctor. Thank you all for your thoughts and input. Take Care!



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