6 Month Old Wont Take His Bottle

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mm12345 - January 17

My son is 6 months old today. Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare, she told me that he wouldn't take any of his bottles. He did take 1/2 a jar of baby food. When I got him home I tried to give him a bottle and he took 5 oz. Then later that evening a whole jar of baby food, but didn't want his bottle. This morning again at daycare he wouldn't take his bottle. What should I do? I called his Dr. and the Dr. said not to really worry unless he starts running a fever or spitting up.


shelly - January 17

mm12345,my son is 6 months old tommorrow,i found he was off with his milk for the 1st month when i started solids,how long has he been on solids,i started my son earlyish so hes back in a routine with solids and feeding,he has 3 smallish baby meals and 4 8 oz bottles but it took a good month to get it established and he went to 5 oz bottles instead of 8 while he was getting used to solids,


ChristinaBonBon - January 17

I had a similar post on here earlier as I have same problem with my little girl. Mine has been a problem since I started her on solids and she loved them and decided she didnt want to lie back and drink milk anymore! It's very frustrating and I worry she's not getting enough milk cos she loves her food so much, but I guess she's putting on good weight and seems very happy so i try not to worry. I wasnt sure if you are saying yours is a constant problem or a new problem or just a one-off, or just for a few days. How many ounzes of milk is he drinking per day do you know?


ChristinaBonBon - January 17

Shelly, that's interesting to hear about your baby going off milk for a while, and good to hear it then picked up again! My little girl is 5 months and only drinking 20oz a day! Still she seems ok so best not worry too much I guess......she loves her solids and my mum says I sould be very grateful for that cos some babies hate solids.


shelly - January 17

christina,yes i was worried and was so glad when he started drinking it again, did your daughter used to drink more and cut down because of the solids, it took my ds a good while before he was drinking decent amounts again,but 20 oz a day is still in the right range isnt it ,yes its good that she likes the solids ,your mums right because with my first ds he wasnt that keen and i really had to persevere with him,so much to worry about isnt there.i still feel that i am constantly stuffing ds with food,i remembered how easy it was when they were just n milk lol,are u from the uk christina.


shelly - January 17

typo.on milk


mm12345 - January 18

Thanks for answering. He just started on solids a couple of weeks ago so that could be it. He's normally a really good eater. Right on schedule, that's why it bothered me so much that he wouldn't take his bottle. He normally has a bottle around 6am (6oz) then a jar of baby food around 11am then another bottle at 4/5pm. Then he gets a bottle before bed. Yesterday afternoon I was able to get him to take 2 bottles so I feel a lot better.


ChristinaBonBon - January 18

Hi mm12345.....glad you are feeling better about things :) Shelly, yes I am in th UK.....are you? I live Portsmouth way.....terrible weather today!! Yeah I feel like I spend the whole day worrying about how many oz of milk she's had and constantly preparing bottles and little ice-cubes of food.....it's mad hey! I am excited today though cos Lara rolled onto her tummy unaided for the first time today! Wonder when she'll be able to sit up? How is your son doing? When they say "sit up unaided" do they mean sit up if you sit them up, or get up by themselves to sitting position? I am confused :0 haha.


rl- - January 18

maybe you could try to give him a juice/water bottle and see if he takes that my ds stopped drinking all of his formula bottles when he was eating more solids but I still wanted him to have the liquid intake and he seemed to like that....


shelly - January 18

christina im in london,ive not been to portmouth whats it like up there,are u anymore near the sea,weve only got the river thames here lol, yes really taking a battering today,im scared to go near the window in case they b__w in haha,altho from tommorrow its supposed to get really cold and maybe snow[or should we just say slush] hey thats great lara rolling over,its so exciting the first time they do it,was she pleased with her self afterwoods ,they get to view the world[or our front rooms lol from a different angle.my ds gets stuck he rolls over but cant roll back,im never sure about the sitting up unaided bit either,my ds[frankie ]can sit on his own for about 10 seconds then i have to catch him,hes very unsteady bless him,i think its so frustrating for them not being able to do or get to what they want,i cant wait for him to be able to sit unsupported and play with his toys,is this your first christina or do u have more. mm12345,yes could well be that hes just getting used to the solids and will readjust his milk intake again , he should start to take more milk when hes settled into the new solids routine this is what mine did, i used to worry and think why isnt he interested in the milk anymore then gradually he started up with it again,ditto what rl said.



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