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jls - October 24

Anybody have a 6 month old baby or close to it? Just curious what they are doing, eating, etc.. My daughter will be 6 months this Friday.


Atira36 - October 24

My son turned 6 months yesterday. He is 19 lbs, 28". He has been sitting up really well for a few weeks now. He pushes up on his tummy & tries to crawl but hasn't mastered it yet. He rolls around alot- especially in his crib. He just got his first tooth last week & I think the 2nd one is on it's way. I weaned him from my b___st about 3 weeks ago. He mainly eats formula (about 32oz a day) but I have been feeding him cereal & bananas at night. He hasn't shown much interest in food but really wants to drink out of a cup. He loves sippy cups although he isn't coordinated enough to really drink out of them correctly. Is your daughter eating solids? How much & how often? I wonder if I should be feeding him more now? I am going to ask at his doctor appt. this Friday.


kristine - October 25

Hello! My son will be 6 months old on Nov. 2nd. I can't believe it!! Anyway, he is sitting up pretty well now, and rolling all over the place. He is also very active in his crib. He sleeps on his belly now ( I always put him down on his back, but even if he is already asleep he instantly rolls over to his belly....it's so cute). He is getting his two bottom teeth. I can see the whites of them...I hope they don't take too long to come in because they are really bothering him! I am still b___stfeeding about 5 times a day and he is eating solids 2 times a day. He gets rice cereal and a stage 1 fruit in the morning, and cereal and a stage 1 vegetable in the evening. He goes to bed by 7:30 and sleeps until 7:00, usually waking up once to feed and complain about his gums hurting! We have our doctor's appt. on the 9th where I think that she will tell us to add a lunch and start juice. I'm hoping he gets the sippy cup thing down soon because ever since we started solids he refuses a bottle. It would be nice to get him to take milk from something other than me once in a while!!


jls - October 25

Hi, my daughter will be 6 months tomorrow. She's about 18 lbs and 26 inches long. She sits up but has to keep her arms in front of herself to support her weight. She rolls everywhere and squirms across the room on her belly--it's not quite a crawl, but close. She drinks 4 bottles a day between 5-7 oz each. For breakfast she has cereal with 1/2 jar of fruit, luch 1 jar veggies, and dinner cereal with 1/2 jar fruit. She loves the sippy cup too, but her coordination isn't great with it yet. She mainly chews on the spout. She is getting her bottom teeth, hopefully any day now. She's usually asleep by 8-8:15 and wakes up around 7:45.



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