6 Months Old

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TinaMarie - May 17

I was looking at all the topics of what is your 9 month old doing and all about 4 month olds and I thought it was amazing to see the vast difference of activities. Since my daugher is 6 months I was curious to see what is your 6 month old doing activity wise and what is their ht & wt?


brmi0202 - May 17

My son is 5.5 months old now. When he was at the dr for his 4 month shots...he was a tad over 4 months though, he weighed 18.5 and was 27 inches. Cason can roll both ways, but doesnt do it very often. He is just not a rolling kind of guy!!! He can sit una__sisted for a while now, but occasionally falls over to the side. He is VERY vocal! He learned how to say "MMMM" so that sound is coming out of his mouth all day long! He has two teeth...the second one just cut through yesterday! Um....he loves his exersaucer. He also loves to walk, with us holding under his shoulders. But that makes him very happy and very proud.


TinaMarie - May 17

Wow! 2 teeth that is awesome. Babies look sooo cute with their first little teeth! Angelina is 6 month and no teeth yet, but she is just drooling away!!


JAI - May 17

My son Jordan is just over 6 months old, he just got his 2 bottom teeth last week, so cute. He rolls over, sits up a little, yaps away and squeals all day long, laughs and smiles. He loves grabbing things and reaching for everything. He is really a happy little guy. I think that he has progressed the most in the last month.


Nerdy Girl - May 18

My son will be 6 months old on the 22nd. He is about 23 pounds and has not really rolled over yet. I think it's because he is so big that it's hard for him to do it. Although, one night this week he did roll over in his crib. Unfortunately he has not repeated this during the day! He can sit una__sisted for only a few seconds before he falls over. He is so different from my daughter, who was both sitting and rolling before 5 months. Like brmi0202's son, my little guy is very vocal. He squeals and yells all the time, when he is happy or upset. He is SO LOUD!!! He got his two bottom teeth right around the 4 month mark. He is still not sleeping through the night consistently. A few nights a week, he will sleep through and we are like "HOORAY!" thinking that it is the start of a good trend, but then he will wake up again the next night. When he wakes up though, it's only once, and he goes right back to bed after he eats, so we are lucky in that respect.


TinaMarie - May 18

Angelina is a week over 6 months. She sits without support for fairly long periods of time and will move into the scooting position, but normally ends up on her head..lol! She has not gotten andy teeth and has not said her first word yet, but babbles and squeals all day long. She can get up on all 4's in the crawling position but then just sits there and has not yet crawled. It is cute she gets on all 4's and looks at me like, Ok what now? She loves eating!!! I love feeding her. She opens her little mouth like a baby bird. She seems alot smaller than everyone elses baby, she is 16lbs and 27 inches. (but she was only 5.6 and 18.5 at birth) This is the best age because she just loves to play! As far as sleeping, she does well. She goes to bed pretty early about 6:30-7:00 and sleeps until 1am has a bottle and sleeps till 6am then we are up for the day. I must say whoever invented the exasauer deserves a BIG KISS! She love that thing!


JAI - May 18

I agree the exesaucer is the best, Jordan LOVES playing in it....plus he still loves his swing and bouncie chair. Wow Angelina is alomost crawling that is great, Jordan wants to but does not no how to, he squirms it is so cute. By the way he weighs just under 18lbs and is 27.5inches. He goes down to sleep at around 8:30 and does not eat until the morning usually around 8:30, BUT the big BUT...he wants to be with us and not in his crib, I try and try but he cries and I feel bad so I go get him. I need to be stronger.


TinaMarie - May 21

I do not know if this is true, but when we took her to the Docs last week he said that at 6 months something changes with them and alot of times babies who have been sleeping great suddenly start getting up several times a night. We have not experienced this, but I was curious if anyone else has? I never heard of it before he mentioned it.


RB - May 22

tina marie - it;s so true... my baby was sleeping thru quite well but is now waking - he's at the end of the 6th month but this past month has been kind of tiring - we've also noticed the most developmental changes this month - almost sitting completely on his own, starting to wriggle (not crawl tho), and loves "standing" when he hold him under his arms (but he's liked that for a long time)... also, he rolls around a lot and has his third tooth - two of the bottom centre ones and one of the top ones (but to the left of the centre ones ) - weird... he's 21 lbs and 28 inches - quite a big guy for his little mom - oh.. he's started saying "mom, mom, mom" over and over again and i'm not sure if he's saying it about anything indiscrimately or if he's trying to say "yummies" - for food - sometimes i say that when we're about to eat solids - oh, and "ba-ba" for bottle...sounds like everyone's babies are going thru the great 6 month changes - it's so exciting to see new things everyday!


myriah - May 23

my guy is now 6 1/2 months and is 28 lbs and 28 inches. he has 3 teeth on top and two on the bottom. he can sit up really well and hold himself standing up on the back of the couch-he's wobbly though. he's soo big that he hasn't rolled over yet. he is b___stfed and has some organic fruits and veggies in the evening. i try to read to him every day but all; he wants to do is grab the book from me and chew on it. interesting to hear about others this age! thanks for the post.



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