6 Week Checks Include Internal

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lisa - December 11

i dont want to book my 6 week check as i refuse to have someone poking round in me, im done with that, my daughter is out, my st_tches are fine, did you all have internals and how was it? do they feel around with fingers, i so am not going to go


Jamie - December 11

Yep, I had a pelvic - you really should have one, to make sure that your cervix has closed, etc, and that there are no problems. It didn't hurt nearly as badly as it did when they were checking my cervix.


Chelsey - December 11

I didn't have to go, my Doctor said, b/c I had a c-section, and my water never broke and wasn't in labor. I go for my yearly pap smear and check up, so he said unless I felt something wrong, not to bother going. So I didn't!


lisa - December 11

its not pain i dontlike , i can do pain, its the fact of humiliation and feeling exposed, i feel during the whole birth thing your privicy becomes non existant, now my body is my own i dont want some doc poking round, i still have cringing memories of the doc who st_tc`hed me up, stickng his finger up my bum to check for tears..... just dont want to be in that vunerable position again


Chelsey - December 11

I felt violated when they stuck the little hemmeroid pill up my a**, during my daughters delivery! I did go for my 6 week follow up after her birth. Sometimes we just have to do whats right, even if it feels wrong. (ex. post partum check ups!)


lisa - December 11

what could be wrong though, bleding stoped no pain, st_tches fine


C - December 11

I didn't go to my last six week check. I should have though, was still bleeding and such. I haven't decided about this one yet.


For your health - December 11

Dont you want to knw if everything is healing right ...You need to go as sucky as it might be . ( Its just like a yearly exam ) or do you not get those too??


lisa - December 11

whats a yearly exam, we have three yearly smears which i dont mind as its a plastic instrument going in you not someones fingers, ive gt some horid docs at my surgery too


Dawn - December 11

I agree just because you feel fine, they may find something internally when they check you. I went at 4 1/2 wk. It did not hurt that bad BUT I had no st_tches. I was spotting some but no problems. For your best bet, I would do it


lisa - December 11

im considering asking my midwife to do it as i like all of them at my unit, i really dont like the doctors


Mommy - December 11

I hate those too. I had v____al birth both times so I had no choice. It did kind of hurt, and yes it feels like major violation, but it's for your health. That's they only reason I go. And that my hubby will put me in the trunk and take me anyway if I refuse lol. It really doesn't take long though. Less than 5 minutes to get an idea of your reproductive health seems worth it to me. But yes, I agree it is humiliating to have your feet in stirrups and a stranger groping you.


lisa - December 11

feet in stipups!!! now i really dont want to go, a friend went recently to one women doc and she just asked if everything was ok didnt do an internal, im going to book that doc, its so degrading, i dont want someones fingers in me, esspecially having a good root around


Jamie - December 11

Well...one of the things they could find by "rooting around" are cysts...my mother had cervical cancer - it was discovered at her 6 week check after giving birth to me. She had no pain, and was not bleeding.


ally - December 11

You have to go, i wanted to know prior to having s_x that all was ok and to talk about my daughters development and my own thoughts, contraception, how s_x will feel, etc .. I did not want to go either and i told the dr to be extra extra gentle and she was, it was barely anything. I told her i was still scarred from the internals given at the hospital, its a good idea to go and is recommended for baby more so as well as u


Jbear - December 11

When I went to mine, the doc did feel around inside. Not all docs do, the one I had for my first pregnancy just did the pap smear at the 6 week checkup. This doc said he didn't do pap smears then because a lot of the time they have irregular results, when if you wait a few weeks it will have a normal result. I had a c-section both times.


TC - December 11

I have to say that I did not have my 6 wk check-up yet. Danny is 3 1/2 mos. I know that I should but I still feel like I don't want to be bothered. I was in labor for 22 hrs and all kinds of people stuck themselves inside of me. I hated it. That was the worse part of labor. I am going to go next wk though bc I want to get back on the pill and my GYN needs to prescribe them for me. Also, I had a c-section as well but I did go into labor.



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