6 Week Old Baby Has A Cold Advice

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Lissi - October 28

Nadya started coughing and snuffling a bit in her sleep this morning. I had to wake her up to feed her and she went straight to sleep again, which is unusual for her. I'm getting a cold, so I asume she has what I have. Should I keep waking her up for feeds, or should I just let her sleep if she wants to? I'm freaking out because it's her first illness. Any other advice you can offer on how to cope with colds in such a young baby is very welcome. Thanks. :)


Jamie - October 28

I'd say...let her sleep, but not more than 4 hours at a time during the day, and 5 or 6 hours at night. My daughter recently had a cold; I put a little bit of Vicks Vapor Rub on my b___st, about 2 inches above the areola - she never came into contact with it, but she could smell it - it helped clear up her congestion. Also, I would take her into the bathroom with me when I showered - the steam seemed to help. Also, I noticed it had become very dry overall in our house; so I put a small pot of water on the stove with a little bit of mint in it and let it steam. The whole house smelled like mint, and there was more humidity in the air. Beyond all that, you really just have to wait it out, cause she's still too little for medicine.


CEM - October 28

Hi Lissi. It also helps to slightly elevate her crib mattress by putting a pillow or blanket under it. That way, if she's plugged up she can breathe a bit easier. Just make sure to keep a real good eye on her, that she doesn't slide down too much (which she shouldn't do unless she's too elevated). Good luck, my little guy's sick too - poor little thing. :(


BBK ® © - October 28

What the others said plus (ASK your Pediatrician first) this. You can use saline drops (not really medicine) if she has congestion and to releive any possible fever and aches see if you can use infant tylenol. Also wash your hands very often and spray disinfectant on door handles, and everything you touch often. Good luck and hope you both feel better.


Lissi - October 28

Thanks everyone. She's sleeping now, but she's definitely not right. I feel like I should automatically know what to do, because I'm her mom, but the truth is, I'm completely useless, and I feel like I just want my mom to come and take care of us both! She always knows what to do. I'm a terrible mother!


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 28

You are not a terrible mother. I have had my mom come over when Lucas was just colicky and I felt helpless. She helps us both. When he has a congested nose, i use saline drops and then use the nose suctioner, I call it the nose squeegee and suck the stuff out. He hates it, but then he can breathe. That may help. I,m also going to need to use his vaporizor soon. The heat is so dry in our house. Perhaps one of those will help


Jamie - October 28

If you were truly a terrible mother, you wouldn't care that your baby doesn't feel well. The fact that you are asking for help shows just how good of a mother you really are.


Lisa*9 - October 28

Lizzi just because you feel clueless about mothering your child ,you are not a bad mother how are you suppose to learn ,by asking question like you just did,I think it doesn't matter who you get the info from as long as Nadya gets the help she needs during the time she nedds it the most,so don't feel bad ask away. We have all been there and done it,so by you asking other Mom's will learn along with you. REMEMBER YOU ARE A GOOD MOM AND YOU ARE DOING THE BEST YOU KNOW OF FOR YOUR CHILD REGARDLESS IF YOU THINK YOU SCREW UP!!!! Take care of the both of you,and hope you feel better. As for my kids they seem to get sick in the middle of the night all the time,and this is my clueto give extra loving care during the sick periods.


Lissi - October 29

She's not feeding very well now. I'm not sure if I should be worried, or just let her go with what she feels. She just wants to sleep most the time, and when she decides she's hungry, she drinks about 2 oz, then she's done. She's breathing through her nose ok. I'm so worried she'll lose weight! I just can't wait to have my happy, smiley baby back again! :( God help me if she ever gets anything serious! I'll probably fall to pieces!


C - October 29

Did you take her to the doctor? My 6 month old has a cough and congestion and I took him just in case. I wanted to make sure it wasn't in his lungs. He said to wait it out. If I noticed differences in the following to bring him back in again, differences in sleeping, differences in eating, wheezing, fever. I guess you need to be careful if it gets into the lungs. I took him because I never had anything more than a cold myself and I wasn't sure.


Jbear - October 30

My pediatrician told me it's unusual for babies under two months to get an actual cold, because they're protected by the mother's antibodies. Babies do make a lot of noise when they're sleeping sometimes. My daughter will have a day or two when she wants to sleep constantly and barely eats, and then she'll be an inch longer afterwards, but I'm like you, I get worried if she sleeps too long and I wake her up to eat.


Lissi - October 30

It's definitely a cold. She's coughing a lot and has a lot of mucus. :(


ally - October 30

You know what, let her sleep as long as she likes, only way to get better, her tummy will wake her if needed. My daughter had 2 colds with winter just gone here in aus and i was told unless they aren't drinking, unless they are miserable they are fine.. Take them to the dr if they aren't drinking, are miserable, have a temp otherwise i used my common sense and because she was still happy in herself there isn't alot u can do for a cold, here we have demazin and i gave her a bit of that once in the nite, as long as ur daughter is happy. You say she isnt feeding well, did u wake her though? Its very common for babies to get a cold as i remember my daughter got her first one at 3 weeks and there wasnt much medicine suitable.. Honestly i am not a big believer in waking them cause she may not be ready for a drink u know, as long as she is drinking, dont worry lissi ok.. If in your heart you are very concerned go for your own peace of mind but just remember if she is happy, drinking, don't worry too much, u are doing a great job.


Lissi - October 31

Thanks Ally. Everyone kept telling me that she shouldn't have a cold at her age, and I was starting to wonder if it was something more serious. Glad to hear she's not the only baby to have had a cold this young! :) She seems to be getting better again now. She's feisty, she's hungry and won't sleep when I need her too. All signs that my little angel is on the mend. :) Hurray!


kate - November 3

i read one mother's post about vicks vaporub - never use this on an infant!!! she used it on herself and then placed her child beside it, but still, be careful and ask a ped. saline drops work GREAT. couple drops per nose, let it sit, and the congestion just runs on out.


Jamie - November 3

It's my post you're referring to, Kate...I checked with my doctor before using the vapor rub...as long as it's not on the infant, it's fine...the major concern is ingestion.


Racahel mommy2lucas - November 4

Also, they make baby vicks vapo rub for infants over 3 months. I think it is a new produt this year. I bought some and got some as a sample.



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