6 Weeks And Still No Sleep Help

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J - November 28

OK I am at the end of my rope I got 1 hour sleep last night. My 6 week old is still eating every 3 hours and when he isn't eating he wants to be held or he makes really loud noises while sleeping and I can't get any sleep. I have kept him on a schedule hoping he would sleep through the night (my first did at this age) anyway nothing works. He doesn't like his bassinet or crib. I've tried bouncy chair and carseat still doesn't work - he just wants to be held. The only time he'll sleep is when he is laying on my chest or in my arms. It has been like this since day one. I live in a town where I do not know anyone or have any friends. The only family we have is my MIL and she works so she can't help. My husband works long hours so he needs sleep at night. I just don't know how I can go on much longer without sleep. I am starting to lose it and get depressed. I also have a 3 year old to take care of and it is just getting so hard without sleep. I have done much reading on the subject and it seems like I am doing everything I can to establish a good bedtime routine and he is eating 5 oz. every 3 hours. Any advice would be appreciated.


Sonya - November 28

My first son did the same thing, until we gave in and let him sleep on his stomach. He began sleeping very long stretches. I know, I know-not a good idea. But here is how my husband and I looked at it....He was sleeping on our chest which meant he was sleeping on his stomach. Then we bought a special monitor that detects babies movement though breathing. If it doesn't detect movement in so many seconds it sets off an alarm. This helped us relax when he was on his tummy. You can get the monitor at baby stores for about $100.00, Good Luck!!!


*leslie* - November 28

What sonya says is true, most babies sleep better on their tummies, I put mine on his tummy, he is also 6 weeks he normally goes up to 4-5 hrs. what also works for me, If you give him a pacifier, is I lie down, holding him with my arms put him in bed right next to me (my arm stil around his body and give him the pacifier and hold it in his mouth (his still falls) pressing my b___st slightily against it, it really helps!! he falls asleep right away and then I just remove my arm very slowly, around his neck and body. Good Luck hope some of this helps.


Jamie - November 28

J - your baby is going to eat every 3 hours for a long time...my nearly 4 month old still does. Fortunately, she started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks. Do you b___stfeed or formula feed? If you bf, you could try the side-lying position, and get some sleep that way; they actually have a product designed for that; it's a foam box, almost, with openings at either end, so baby's safe from mom or dad rolling, and there's still access for nursing. If you formula feed, I don't know what to tell you.


J - November 28

I bottle feed. With my first son he slept at 6 wks from about 10pm to 6am and from then on was a great sleeper. I am getting to the point I feel like I am going crazy. Last night he ate at 9:30 then I put him down in his ba__sinet at 10:30 and he slept until 12. I fed him then put him back down at 1 and he wouldn't stop making his funny noises so I put him on my chest and I couldn't get to sleep with him on my chest then he was back up at 3. Then my husband was up to go hunting at 4 so I heard him and then couldn't fall back asleep and the little guy was up again at 6 then I had to get my son breakfast and take him to school. I just don't know how a person is supposed to function. I know other moms go through the same thing but Geez Louise I don't know how I can get through another day.


Jamie - November 28

Hmm - could you try putting him in another room with a baby monitor? Sounds like it's his little squeakings keeping you awake? I don't know about that, cause while my daughter will squeal her little head off while she's awake, she's dead-silent when she's sleeping. Could your husband maybe take a day or two off from hunting? OOOh, HERE's an idea...if you can pull it off...get a hotel room next weekend, for either Friday night or Saturday, and go just be by yourself - sleep, take a bubble bath, whatever - it's not a permanent solution, but you would get some rest, so that you could function again, and tackle the problem in tip-top shape.


Kelly K - November 28

I know exactly how you feel. My little girl is 2 weeks old and would only sleep on my chest. Well last week she rolled off of me and landed on the floor (luckily I was on the couch). I was just too exhausted to feel her move off of me. She wasn't hurt, but I sure was mentally. I went and bought a sounds machine that has 5 different sound settings. I also bought a wedge support and I now lay her on her side to sleep. She now sleeps anywhere from 2-5 hours at a time in her crib. It takes some patience at first, but well worth it.


monica - November 28

my son is 4 months and still eats every 2-3 hours during the day. but his last bottle i add cereal and it biggest one of the day. He sleeps the whole night after that he wont even eat until 8 or 9 the next morning. Try swaddling your baby that also makes them sleep longer.


J - November 28

Take time off from hunting? Are you kidding? My husband has a very demanding job and this is the only day he will be taking off so him helping is not an option. Maybe I should try just to put him in his crib in his room.


Jbear - November 28

I had exactly the same problem. My first baby was such a good sleeper that I expected my second to do the same. There was about a month where I only slept three hours a day, because it's hard to fall asleep again when you have to get up for a feeding. My three year old doesn't take naps so I couldn't take a nap when the baby slept during the day. I was starting to worry that I'd get really sick from having no sleep-that has happened to me before when I was working too much-but then she started sleeping 10 hours during the day, at about 10 weeks. That didn't do me any good, as soon as she was asleep my 3 year old was up for the day. I started trying to adjust it a few weeks ago, and ended up having to feed her once during the night again, but now, for the last 5 days she's actually slept through the night, from about midnight until noon. She's 3 and a half months now.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

Oh, my son was the same way for the first 5 weeks. After that I gave up and let him sleep with me. He is now 3 mos old and just starting to nap in the crib and for more than a few minutes at a time. It is exhausting. I thought I was going to die the first few weeks til my mom took him overnight one night. He still does not sleep well at night and feeds 1 or 2 times during the night. Hope it gets better for you. He did, around 8-10 weeks finally start liking his swing and bouncy chair little by little. It will get better!


Christy - November 28

Is he fussy and crying even when fed and diapered? If you put him in the crib, does he cry? I received this DVD from the visiting nurse who came here a few weeks ago called "The Happiest Baby on the Block." I finally watched it today and it had a bunch of parents with fussy babies who won't sleep unless they are being held. The doctor who made the production uses a method that taps into what he calls the baby's calming reflex (not sure if that is legit- I sure didn't learn about tha tone in PT school.) The guy was like a freakin' baby charmer, though. Anyway, I tried his technique a couple of times today when Ben got fussy and it worked! It basically uses tight swaddling, holding the baby on his/her side or tummy, shushing loudly in the baby's ear (so they can hear you over their crying,) and swinging/jiggly movements. You can also use a pacifier too. Maybe you can borrow the DVD from the library or something- he has a book too. It can't hurt to try if it means you will get a few extra hours of sleep. Also, is his crib in your room? If so, can you move it to another room so you don't have to hear the loud noises he makes when he sleeps?


Not tummy sleeping - November 28

Do not listen to those telling you to put them to sleep on their tummys unless you want them to suffocate and die from sids. You need to persist for your own sanity. You need to put him in that ba__sinett and even rock it until he falls asleep. Keep rocking it because you are the boss, not the baby.



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