7 5 Month Old Refusing All Solids For Over A Week

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cyclemom - October 12

I started my ds on solids when he was 5.5 months old. He did really well and would eat his oatmeal and veggies 3 times a day. He has been refusing ALL solids for over a week now. I've been trying 3 times a day still, but he will just suck in his lower lip and not let me put anything in his mouth. If I sneak any in when I make him laugh (or cry) he will just spit it right back out. I've still tried little finger foods (rice krispies, and the little Gerber things), but he has a cold so he sometimes gags on it and spits up mucus. Poor little guy. Anyway, I'm not sure if it's because he's had this cold, or because he just cut his first tooth, or because i tried applesauce and he hated it. . . . I've been trying so hard to get him to eat, but I don't know what else to do. Anyone else have a problem like this or have any ideas?? I am br___tfeeding and he's still nursing okay. I would appreciate any ideas!!


alida - October 13

I'm not sure what it could be...probably his cold or teething. Has it gotten any better? Sorry I don't have any suggestions but at least he is nursing. My dd is 7.5 months as well. GL :)


cubbie - October 14

My dd would stop eating for up to 2 weeks when she was sick, when I asked the ped she said it's normal and not to worry about food, just to make sure they get plenty of fluid, that when they're sick you need to accept that they won't gain weight, but not to let them lose weight, so let him have a bottle instead of the food and offer him water every half hour.


cyclemom - October 14

Thanks for your responses! He had a few bites of oatmeal this morning! Yay! I hope that means he's starting to feel better.


DDT - October 14

My ds (8 months old) also has a cold right now and is also refusing solids. It took 30mins for him to eat 5tbsp of cereal this morning, he refused lunch completely and ate a few spoonfuls of his dinner. I believe is fairly normal. BTW he is also teething like crazy on top of the cold.



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