7 5 Months How Much Milk

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countrymom401 - October 21

my lo is 7.5 months old. I am wondering how many bottles or nursing sessions your lo are or were having at this age. My lo's day is nurses at about7 am. then eats breakfast at 9am He usually nurses at around 10 for nap time at 10 but really doesn't take much at all. He eats lunch at around 12 then nurses at around 2 pm when he goes down for another nap. I give him a snack when he wakes up but he won't nurse. I give him supper at 6 pm and nurse again at 8 pm before bed time. He doesn't fall asleep nursing anymore but he seems to be much less interested in it lately. I find that even in the morning when he hasn't eaten all night he still doesn't seem to really want to nurse. Has anybody had this problem. If he wasn't getting enough he would let me know wouldn't he. I offer lots throughout the day but he might suck for like 1 minute then wants no part of it. We just got over thrush and a bad cold could that be why? Just wondering sorry I'm kind of babbling. Thanks


DDT - October 21

My lo is 8 months old and takes 3 bottles 8oz each a day. He is FF so that probably makes a difference in how frequently he needs to drink compared to a BF baby. I have also found that even after sleeping 12hrs at night he will only sometimes take 4-5oz in the morning. I use the rest in his cereal. He gets a bottle at 7am, breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12pm, bottle at 1pm, dinner at 5pm, bottle at 6:30pm. You are right....your lo will take as much as he needs. His appet_te can also be affected by a cold...my lo also just got over a cold and I noticed a decrease in his solid intake.


SaraH - October 22

My dd is 6.5 m and she is only nursing about 5 times a day. She eats 2 full solid food meals and a snack a day, somedays the snack ends up being a 3rd full meal. Either way though she only nurses 5 time a day. Around 7-8 am, again around 11 am, around 1pm, then about 4-6 and again before she goes to bed for the night at about 11 pm. She eats a snack/breakfast around 11-12 am (she is a late to bed late to rise baby so she doesn't get up until about 10am), eats lunch around 4pm, and then eats dinner about 9:30pm. So I think your fine. They'll let us know if they're hungry and your lo sounds like he's on the same track as my dd and she's a month younger so I wouldn't worry.


cubbie - October 22

Hi, my dd is 7 months and has just dropped one of her bottles, so she usually takes 3 bottles of 7-8oz a day (but sometimes much less) plus the milk in her cereal. She basically takes a bottle at 7 (today she only ate 4oz) then breakfast at 8.30 (cereal mixed with 4oz milk followed by some fruit in the feeder), lunch at 12.30ish (1 cup tofu, meat or chicken, veg combo and rice, lentles or wheat and barley) she then has another bottle at 3ish after her afternoon nap, dinner at 5 (1 cup fruit) and her last bottle at 6ish. She used to take a bottle at 11am after her morning nap, but isn't interested in that one anymore so I added an extra oz to her cereal (she used to have 3oz) I also offer her water in her sippy after each solid meal, which sometimes she has some and sometimes not.


priya79 - October 22

My dd is 8 months old and she drinks milk 3 times a day...morning 8.00 am 7 oz, 10.00 am cereal and veggies, 12.30 am 5 oz milk, 2.30 pm veggies and cereal, 6.00 pm fruits and cereal (optional) and 9.00 7-8 oz milk...She goes to bed at 9.30 pm...


alida - October 22

My dd is 8 mo on 10/26....she still takes 4 bottles a day. 7am- 6-8oz bottle.... 8am- cereal/fruit.... 8:30am- nap.... 11am- 5-6oz bottle.... 12pm- vegi/fruit.... 1pm- nap.... 3pm- 5-6oz bottle.... 4pm- vegi/sometimes fruit.... 7pm- 6-8oz bottle.... and then 7:30pm bedtime. She has about 24 oz per day. Like DDT- my lo was only taking about 4-5oz when she woke up after sleeping 11 or so hours! I became persistant and found that she would finish a 6-8oz bottle after 15 minutes of fooling around.... :)



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