7 Month Old What Do You Do W Your Little Ones

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Shannah - March 5

my son is almost 7 months and i feel like i should be doing more with him or teaching him more. he sits and plays, has a jumper, entertainer, we read books. i just feel like we do the same things each day. any ideas or suggestions would be great!


mcatherine - March 5

We sit at our front door and watch the cars everyday. I know it sounds silly, but he loves it! Of course, you're in a sub as where we are on a city type block so we have more cars, but maybe in the evening? I tell him one is coming and he bends and looks and when he sees it he starts to dance and jump and when it goes by he goes "v v v v" He's trying to say vroom, lol! Also, we have a picture window in the front of our house and he loves to stand on the loveseat that is in front of it and just look out (with mom propping of course) - he could stay there for hours if I would let him. Anyway - just a couple of thoughts!


Justine - March 5

I take my 7 month old dd to our local garden centre twice a week to look at the flowers and plants but she especially likes the animal section especially the goldfish and will sit and watch them for awhile. We then go and have our lunch in their coffee shop and then she usually falls asleep in the car ride back home. It's a great way to spend a couple of hours and gets you out of the house.


Shannah - March 5

thanks for your ideas, anyone else have any good suggestions. i get out a lot, we go to the mall and walk around and he loves to ride in his stroller. i just feel i should be teaching him more stuff not just playing.


aurorabunny - March 5

Shannah, I just wanted to say that what you are doing sounds GREAT! By "just playing", you are teaching him lots more then you know!


Shannah - March 5

aurorabunny, thanks that was so nice of you to say!


AnytimeLittleone - March 5

Shannah.. we basically do the same things as you. My dd will jump in her jolly jumper, play on the floor, look at books.. etc etc. Everyother Tuesday I take her to Stars and Strollers, a movie at the theatre for moms and babies. We'll be going public swimming on Monday afternoons, as soon as I can find a bathing suit. I try to take her out once a day, whether its a walk, grocery shopping, or a trip to walmart for diapers. My dd will be crawling soon, and then Im going to be wondering what else we can do, other than me chasing her everywhere...


Ca__sie06 - March 6

We do a lot of those same things. I think they learn more from just being with us and observing us. I am very busy and out and about a lot so I work with DS a lot on being social. He loves to go places now and can't wait to meet new people. Everytime I put him in his walker he runs to the front door and says "bye-bye". Also, I talk to him a lot and ask him questions and let him make decisions. I talk to him about my day and ask questions and wait on him to respond. He will babble or make funny faces and try to respond to me. I also will lay out a few outfits and say "Which do you want to wear?" And he will look over them and pick up which one he likes. I also do that with baby food and such. I think it helps build his self esteem and confidence and independence!


LollyM - March 6

omg! Ca__sie! Connor can say bye-bye!? wow! I'm sorry I'm so shocked here, lol. I was surprised when Ava could say Mama and Dada! she's nowhere close to bye-bye! did you teach him? or did her just say it one day? Oh, about activities though, Ava (7 mos) and I started taking a baby yoga cla__s which she LOVES! She sleeps so well at night now, and gets to see other babies =) We also go for lots of walks and play like you and your lo do =) Reading is good too =) Mc, that is so cute about the cars! I like to put different hats on Ava while she is sitting in her crib, and she looks at the big mirror that is in her crib each time I put on a new hat, and she smiles =) it's pretty cute =)


apr - March 6

Lolly-I was so shocked yesterday when ds started clapping to the music. whenever i put music on and he's in my lap, i clap his hands for him. and yesterday he was in his stroller (at someone elses house) and the music was on, and he started clapping. lol. too cute


LollyM - March 6

aww, how sweet! This is such a fun age, isn't it =)


Ca__sie06 - March 6

haha Lolly. We go out a lot and everytime we go anywhere I am like "Tell dadda bye-bye" "Tell everyone bye-bye" "Tell mommaw bye-bye" so I guess after hearing me say it over and over and over he picked it up. Now I cant get him to stop saying it! Pretty much from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed he just says "bye-bye" all day long! lol


Shannah - March 6

that is so cute. my sons new thing is waving his hand so i am now working on bye-bye. how cute!


mcatherine - March 6

Shannah - Hudson waved bye-bye for the first time tonight! Of course, he was waving at the Animal Train and not an actual person - but it was leaving the living room if that counts! Do you do any misic time with him? I forgot to tell you that every morning after he takes his first nap - we sing and clap to the same songs (over and over) and I think he is getting close to clapping (always playing catch up to Mandy, lol). He loves Where is Thumbkin and The Wheels on the Bus...


Shannah - March 7

I sing a lot and i have a horrible voice :0 he loves where is thumpkin too, we sing bingo and knick knack patty wack. I am working on bye bye, he started with his b's yesterday, it is so cute!



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