7 Month Old Doesn T Roll

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CEM - February 1

Yep, just that.... I'm starting to get worried. Especially when I see babies 2 and 3 months younger rolling all over the place. I have seen him do it a couple times, but it's been ages since he did it last. Should I talk to my doctor about it?


L...Hannah's Mom - February 1

My baby is a little over 5 months and just rolled yesterday. I read recently that some babies never roll...they just go straight to sitting up, walking etc. My baby is also on the chubby side so I think that makes a difference as well. Mention it to your doctor but I don't think you should worry too much.


katy - February 1

hi my baby hates to roll. she sits up by herself and she loves to stand. she'll knows how b/c i've seen her do it very few times. she's just content not to roll.


Jbear - February 1

My daughter has rolled a couple of times, but she doesn't do it often. I think she just doesn't like to. I asked our doc about it when she was four months, before she had been able to roll back-to-front, and he said as long as she was trying it didn't matter if she could really do it or not.


CEM - February 1

Thanks ladies... he does know how to roll because I've seen him do it. It's more like he just can't be bothered. He's very content to just sit, or lay and play with a toy. He's a big boy so that could be why. I just think it's strange that he never even tries. He doesn't try to crawl either!


jj - February 1

My baby is 6 months and can roll both ways but doesn't try, she's content most of the time just to play with her toys. She can't sit up on her own yet...should she be able to by this age??


Info - February 1

Your baby will probably learn to sit independently between the ages of 4 and 7 months. This is about the same time that he'll master rolling over and holding his head up. About 90 percent of babies can sit well for several minutes without support by the time they're 8 months old.


Jbear - February 1

You can help your baby practice sitting by sitting on the floor with your legs out in front of you, spread a little. Sit the baby between your legs, with your tummy supporting her back and your legs keeping her from toppling over. Put a toy in front of her. Soon she'll start reaching for the toy...at first she'll topple over, but you'll be there to catch her. She'll get used to sitting up, and you'll notice her leaning back against your tummy less and less.


desiree - February 1

Hi, CEM..My son hates to roll, he is 10 months. He can do it, but once he gets on his tummy, he is stuck. He only started doing this recently. Is your baby tall, and chubby? Mine is, and that can hinder their rolling ability. I am sure he is fine, my son dosen't even crawl yet.



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