7 Month Old Doing 30 Min Naps Again HELP

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madison - October 10

my almost 7 month old dd was getting so much better with naps the past 2 months, doing 2-3 naps a day at 1-2 hours each approximately. but the past few days she's been doing the 30 min naps again. today she has only taken 2- 30min naps and she is so cranky and its almost 6pm. i'm letting her CIO right now and i feel so bad but tried everything to get her to settle down and she wont go down but is super cranky. she's needed a nap for the past hour or so! any suggestions? also, when she wakes from her 30 min naps she cries for a few min and i leave her to see what she'll do, but then after a few minutes she is wide awake so i go in and get her and she's in a good mood. i have no clue about how to try to get her on a nap schedule!


guccigal87 - October 10

i wish i could help but im in the same situation... my son started fewer naps at 7 months... now at almost 9 he is doind almost no naps.. and has decided to STOP sleeping through the night.. lets hope you dont get to that stage because its horrible.. now that he is older im getting up with him more and not getting my time during the day


aliciavr6 - October 10

my dd is only 4 months, but if we skip a nap for whatever reason, WATCH OUT. it seems like she cries forever when I put her in her crib when she's VERY cranky due to lack of sleep. What I do, is let her cry for 10 - 20 minutes, then pick her up, and in her room, feed her a bottle, which makes her fall asleep, since she wore herself out crying and calms down and sits still while eating.


alida - October 10

When that happens to me, super cranky and won't go down, I put my dd (7mo) in her swing and she relaxes and usually takes a good cat nap. I try to put my lo down at the same time every day...9am and 1pm and then a nap in the swing around 4-5pm so she doesn't sleep too long. She's in bed for the night at around 7:30. GL


madison - October 11

alida, my dd is not a fan of the swing anymore. she's crawling and does not like being confined in any of her toys or swings much now. what i finally did yesterday after i wrote this post was get her up (she was still screaming) and took her on a walk in the stroller. she was fine and actually made it until bedtime without being too fussy. alida, i have a couple questions for you. does your dd fuss when you put her down for a nap or do you rock her, etc? and does your dd wake up at the same time each morning? even if she doesn't, do you still put her down for naps at the same time every day? thats another struggle we have because my dd does not wake up at the same time each morning, anywhere from 6-7:30am (even though she has the same bedtime) so its hard to get her naps on a schedule. and i don't know what to do or try to do when she takes a 30 min nap, that throws EVERYTHING off for the day it seems. i guess there's not much i can actually do if she's wide awake and ready to get up after 30 minutes. naps have been our biggest struggle! ahhh! guccigal, sorry to hear your ds not sleeping through the night anymore. i do have to give my dd credit, she's been pretty good at that since 3-4 months. are you letting him CIO some? i hate that but since my dd has gotten older i seem to let her cry more.


alida - October 11

Hi madison- I have had problems w/naps and schedules too lately. I'm sure it won't be long before my dd doesn't like the swing either...she isn't crawling yet though. There are times when my dd doesn't fuss when I lay her down, she'll roll over and go to sleep. There are other times when I'm up and down the stairs putting the pacifier in her mouth so she'll settle down. I don't use the paci at night and try not to use it for naps, but I do if she is having a hard time getting to sleep. My dd isn't waking at the same time either. My goal is naps at 9am and 1pm but sometimes its a little earlier she'll go down anywhere from 8-9am. I feed her when she wakes up in the morning and then she plays for a while and I change her diaper and put her down the minute she starts rubbing her eyes or starts getting fussy. If you don't they get a 2nd wind. I do let her fuss it out -if she gets herself all worked up w/a full cry she won't go to sleep thats when i use the paci... Its hard. I just try to do the same things at about the same time everyday. Some days go well and some don't! :) Let me know how you're doing.


alida - October 11

Also madison- Do you feed her at about the same time everyday?



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