7 Month Old Feeding Kinda Complicated

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AnytimeLittleone - March 4

DD is now 7 months. She has been on babyfood since 3 months old due to a medical condition. Needless to say, because of her early exposure to food, she now eats WAY more than the average 7 month old. Since she is now 7 months, and is eating a lot of solids (she ate more this morning than I did!!!) Am I ok to give her formula 3x a day (24oz) and only juice with her feedings?


AnytimeLittleone - March 4

I should say.. she eats about 1.5-2 cups of anything pureed during her "food" times... which is why I want to give her juice/water... and not more formula, which would be like eating 2ce..


Bonnie - March 4

Yeah, that woul dbe just fine. 24 oz is a good amount of formula. I have always given Mason water with his meals.


K8 - March 4

Oh lucky you! i just posted a question about the opposite problem with my lo :) I guess as long as she is getting nutreints and hydrated its all good.


jwhite - March 5

my dd is 7 months old and we usually give her a bottle and an hour or so later feed her solids and then she gets a bottle an hour or so later it just depends on when she eats her solids on when we give her a bottle or if she's screaming at me to feed her. Am I doing it ok by doing it that way?? She usually has a bottle in the morning when she wakes up and then another one 3-4 hours later, then she gets breakfast an hour or so later, which consist of oatmeal and fruit, then a bottle when she gets hungry which is usually is 3-4 hours after her last bottle, and then 6: or 6:30 she gets her dinner which is a meat dinner and a dessert or a meat dinner and half of a veggie jar, then around 7:30 she gets her night time bottle, is all this alright to you all? she only drinks about 20 oz a day fi we're lucky...but she seems happy....???


Shannah - March 5

my 7 month old drinks 24-32 ounces a day and eat three solids meals. usually cereal/fruit for breakfast, oat/fruit and veggie for lunch and veggies and fruit for dinner. his bottles are a 8-12-4 and bed 7:30. he weighed 17 lbs and 28.5 inches at his 6 month appt. i would say you are fine with giving her water/juice at her feeding.



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