7 Month Old Girl Normal Weight

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anne - February 27

my daughter is 7 months old and weighs 19 lbs. 25 inches long. is this normal? I met a woman who has a 2 year old boy that weighs 26 lbs. it freaked me out!


mummy14 - February 27

My dd is 6.5 months and weighs 18lb 7oz and is 26 inches long, she was 6lb 11 when born...doc said she is doing great and all is normal!


TRP - February 27

Hi anne, at my daughter's 6 month appt, she weighed 18lbs, 1oz and was 27 & 1/2 inches long. She will be 7 months on the 9th of March and I don't know how much she weighs right now, but I'd say your daughter is normal. As long as she's healthy, I think that's important.


anne - February 27

Thanks to you both! The boy I saw was 26 lbs at age 2. He was about the same size as my daughter. I didn't know what to think when I saw that. The mother was so proud of her boy and i thought d__n is that kid small or is my kid big? lol


HANNAHs Mom - March 1

Your daughter sounds perfect! My dd just had her 6 month today [shots too :( ] and weighed in at 19 lbs...I say healthy! : )


erin - March 1

yikes. my son was 16lbs 12oz for his 6 month check-up...and he was 26.5 inches long. sounds like i have a little one!


HANNAHs Mom - March 1

Erin...your son sounds perfect too! My first dd was around 16 lbs at her 6 mo check-up as well. My 6 mo. 19 pounder is healthy but a bit on the chubbyside :) My ped said she was in the 95th percentile for weight...I say yikes :)


Erin1979 - March 1

I must have a little one too....my dd just had her 6 mo. and weighed 16lbs 3 oz. She feels like a lot more when I am lugging her around!! She is 27 inches long. I must say though, my brother was a monster when he was 6 months. My mom said he was 30lbs and 30 inches....he's tall and thin now though. I think that all babies should be a little bit chunky. It's the one time in their lives they can be fat and called cute!!


jen - March 3

just remember anne that at 9 months baby's weight begins to slow down alot and after a year old that year they usually only gain 3 to 4 pounds that year. She will slow alot now.



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