7 Month Old Night Waking Again Not Sure Why

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madison - October 16

my 7 month old dd has been waking up again at night the past few days. she will not go back to sleep unless i give her a bottle which i hate to do because i dont want to get in that habit again, but she will not go back to sleep and i hate to let her cry if she's really hungry or achy/sore from crawling. she screams so i dont know if she's really hungry or what? she started crawling a few weeks ago and is now pulling up like crazy this week and standing (not letting go). so i'm wondering if the waking is from being sore or achy, or if it's a growth spurt or what? she eats "normally" during the day like she's been doing, solids 3 x a day, 5-6 bottles. should i let her cry more? i've been letting her cry for a while but then i go in and get her and she cant calm down until i feed her. hope this is a phase!


mommybabyboy21 - October 16

you give her a bottle at night...how much does she eat of it. If she is truly hunger...and eating more than an ounces or 2...try giving her the bottle just before bed or increase the oz in the bottle just before bed. She may just be going through a growth spurt and needs the extra food...soon she should back off on eating and sleeping more...hopefully gl.


DDT - October 16

If she is actually hungry at night then you need to "up" (oz's) how much she takes in during the day. A baby at 7 months shouldn't need to wake up during the night if they are getting enough during the day. Also, she could be drinking out of habit or comfort instead of hunger (if it 3oz or less). You say 5-6 bottles...is that during the day or are you counting the night feedings? if that is just during the day then that is A LOT of bottle feedings. My ds is 8 months and started only taking 3 bottles a day at 7 months. I know he isn't the norm (which is 4 bottles a day) but it shows you that a baby can go through the night without a feeding (he sleeps 7-7am generally). She might be waking up because of teething. Give her enough time to fall back to sleep by herself and if that doesn't work comfort her by using the PU/PD method. GL. BTW growth spurts occur and 6 and 9 months generally.


Gretta - October 16

OMG This is my dd too who has been a super sleeper since 3 months and I think its her teeth! So I just get up and feed her and put her back down because I can tell she is visibly uncomfortable and sucking on her gums, she is not nursing well ect.


JJB - October 16

I hope this doesn't stress you out too much but the same thing happened when my dd was that age (she's 16 mths now) and it went on for SEVEN LONG MONTHS!!! Bah. I'm sure that won't happento you, with my dd it WAS teething but the poor thing has the BIGGEST teeth I have ever seen on a baby. And she was cutting her molars during those months as well.


madison - October 17

DDT, my dd is very small (14 lbs) and only takes about 5 oz at each feeding, so she really only gets about 25oz of formula a day. she wont take more than that at a feeding, so i try again an hour or so later to get her to finish her bottle. she's been like that since she started solids. well, she was up again last night at 12:30am and again, screamed until i gave her a bottle. it was only 4 oz but she probably would have drank more, i just happen to have a 4oz bottle ready. then she slept till 7am. maybe it's teething, she doesnt have any teeth yet. thanks ladies, guess i'll see how it goes....??


Renee924 - October 17

Wow. I have a 9 month old and she's been doing the same thing the last month or so. The pediatrician said to wean her off that bottle in the middle of the night and to let her cry it out because otherwise she'll get dependent on us coming in for her. I really don't like to let her scream like that as the one time we did it it took her nearly two hours to go to sleep. I never thought about feeding her enough during the day. She's only been eating about 15oz-ish a day since she's started eating more solids. I'll have to try the bigger bottles at night.


madison - October 17

renee, i feel like you do, i hate to let them cry so much, especially if i dont know if its due to teething or feeling bad.i've been letting her cry more and more lately but it gets really bad and thats when i go in there and she just wont stop and then i give her a bottle. this has happened for 4 nights now, guess i'll see how 2nite goes, but i really dont want her to get used to a night feeding again!!!!! i'll try giving her more than the usual 6 oz before bed and see how that goes. i used to be able to just give her a paci and she would fall back asleep but she stopped taking it about 3 weeks ago.


priya79 - October 17

Hi. My dd is 7.5 mos old and is doing this for that past 15 days. She sleeps in our room in her crib and was sleeping through the night. She drinks 3 bottles a day (19-20 oz) from 7 months old. I am not sure if she is teething as I am seeing a white lump for many days now. I am not sure but I think that she has got this habit after mastering to sit independently and pulling up. She started sitting independently at about 6.5 amounts and have mastered it now. Once she gets disturbed in her sleep she automatically sits now or pulls over the crib and screams so hard until someone come and pick her up (I know that she was going to sleep herself previously). I am scared that I am spoiling her but have no choice. So this is what I do: Once I hear her cry at about 12 am (Sometimes even before she sits up) I immediately pat her (I make it sure I don’t pick her) for about 5-10 min. That works 90% of the time and she needs the same treatment at 5 amish rarely. If that dosent work, I keep patting her and also make her elephant toy sing which she loves. That immediately soothes her. Though patting is spoiling her I have a feeling that wont spoil her that much and I am planning to reduce it. I work full time and sometimes when I am very tired, once she cries, I put her in our bed and go to sleep…God alone knows how much I am spoiling her!!!


Renee924 - October 17

From what I hear you can't really spoil a baby too much with attention.Anywho, my doctor recommends checking on her while she's CIO but not letting her see you. I dunno. I don't mind going in there if it only takes a few minutes but I'd like to get an uninterrupted night of sleep. And I definitely think it'd be better for her.


DDT - October 17

madison: have you thought about maybe giving her 4 bottles a day with more oz in it (maybe 7oz)? Or is she unable to go more than 3hrs without a bottle? That way she can get used to taking more at a time, and that way get more into her before bed time. Babies at 7 months should really be able to go 4-4.5hrs between bottles. You could also try cluster feeding before bedtime to get her nice and full. Renee924: Yes, try giving your lo more oz's during the day. Its worth a try. I don't think 15oz is enough at her age. I think anything from 16-24oz a day would be good enough.


madison - October 19

just wanted to say my lo has not woken up the past 2 nights so cross your fingers! the first night i let her cry a little longer than usual and she fell back asleep and slept till morning and last night i dont think she ever woke me up on the monitor, so hopefully it was just a phase! DDT, she can go 3-4 hours between bottles. i was wrong, she doesnt have 5-6 bottles, she has 4-5 bottles a day, and takes 5-6 oz each. and thats even forcing her! lol, just kidding, but she doesn't eat a lot at one time, i have been having to go back and give her the rest of her bottle about an hour later to get her to eat more. she began doing that when she started solids. i dont like it because it seems like she is "snacking" all day but otherwise she wouldn't eat very much and she's already small, only the 5-10 percentile for her age.



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