7 Month Old Son

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Melissa G - July 7

Hi everyone, My son Conner will be 7 months old tomorrow and at birth he weighed 7lbs 6 1/2oz. Now he weighs 13lbs. and everywhere we go everyone askedshow old he is and if he was born early. He's small, but he's got long legs. His daddy was small like this when he was a baby too. He eats really good and doing things that a 7 month old is doing. I just think he's going to be tall as he gets older and that he took after his daddy. I'm just so tired of everyone saying how little he his. Anybody else have this problem?


ConnorsMommy - July 7

hey! my son's name is Connor! he's 6 months.. i dont have the same problem as you.. quite the opposite actually. my dh and i took him with us to our wedding anniversary dinner last month and some guy asked how old Connor was. we said "5 months".. he said "really?? i was thinking a year!"... obviously, this guy doesnt know what the heck he's talking about.. cuz connor's not THAT big.. at the time he was 17lbs and only 25inches... what one year old is that little?? what an idiot! lol... anyway, 13lbs. is little for a 7 month old.. (connor's nearly 20lbs at 6 months)... don't worry about what everyone says! i'm sure he's prefectly healthy and i'm sure you're a great mommy to ConnEr ;)


AllieJ - July 7

I'm with you, Melissa. My little girl only weighed 14.7 lbs at her 6 month and on Friday at her 9 month, weighed 17.2 lbs, 27 inches. She is in the 25th percentile for both height and weight. The doctor is not concerned at all and says she is doing great. She is doing everything that a 9 month old should be doing, plus some. Don't worry about what other people say, the doctors opinion should be the only one that matters!


TinaMarie - July 7

Hi, My little girl was 5.5 at birth. Everyone has always commented on how small she is. At her 6 month she was just under 16 lbs (which was the 50%) but people still always comment how small she is. I would not worry about, as long as the doc is happy with his growth that is all that matters!!


KadensMom - July 7

Hi Melissa, I am in the same boat, my son is now 10 months old and only weighed 16lbs 2oz at his 9month check up. He has actually fallen off the percentile charts for weight-lol and even still his doctor says he is doing fine because he's gaining weight and growing at his own pace. He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz at birth so he started out low on the scale and she said it's not abnormal for them to continue that way until 1 yr old or even after, as long as they continue to grow. Especially if his father is small or was as a baby, (Kaden's was too). Some women I talk to compare him to their children/babies and it doesn't help to hear how huge everyone elses babies are... If anything it ony makes you worry more, even if well intentioned, it can be very annoying:-) As long as the doctor says he's fine, do not worry. All babies are different and it's not healthy for babies to be overweight either. I know it is difficult not to worry but as long as he is eating properly and growing at his own pace then I'm sure he is just fine:-) Hang in there, and try your best not to listen to people who don't have a clue in the first place. I can never guess how old a baby is, even as a Mom.. They are all so different, in shape and size just like they will be as kids and adults:-) Don't listen to people who make you feel worse about it, I don't know about you but I haven't been finding that helpful AT ALL!! Goodluck to you and you little guy!!


gofaulk28 - July 10

Melissa, I can relate to that! My son will be 5 months old on the 14th of July. He was 6 lb 11 oz at birth and weighed 12.6 at the 4 month check-up. But it seems like all friends babys around the same age are huge. He also has long legs but is "pet_te". My son eats what he should but weight was in the 10th percentile at the 4 mo check-up. His pediatrician a__sured me this is fine, as long as they are gaining at a steady rate, then its ok. He also said a thin baby is better than a big fat one, because like overweight adults, their hearts have to work harder to pump blood. I know what you mean about being tired of hearing the comments. My friend jokes that my son is scrawny and i know she is joking but it hurts my feelings!


ElizabethL. - July 11

Hi, I would not worry at all it sounds like your baby is perfect, your doctor would tell you if there was anything to worry about. My sister has three girls and they all were in the bottom 20th% for weight and length and the are all healthy kids. My daughter was 7lb13 at birth and was 13lb10 at her sixth month check up. Babies are like everyone else the come in all sizes! I think people are also getting used to seeing giant chubby babies.


Melissa G - July 13

Thanks everyone for your opinion, I feel a lot better to know I'm not the only one out there. It's so funny to see other babies Conner's age and they're bigger than he his it would take two of Conner to make the size of those other babies. But he's eating and doing everything a 7 month old should be doing and that's all that matters. Melissa


melissa g. - July 13

i dont have a response, i just think its cool that there two melissa g.'s! I have a DD, 5 months


jorden - July 14

my son weighed about 20 lbs at 7 months. He was 10 lbs 7 oz at birth. Hes always been in the 90th percentile. But if everything is normal and your doctor hasnt told you that something was wrong then i wouldnt worry. Its a lot easier to carry around a 13 lb baby rather than a 20 lbs baby! :)


Sarahsmommy - July 14

Sarah has always been little. She's finally growing a little. At her six month check-up she was 15lbs and 24 7/8 inches. She's tiny and I get SOO tired of hearing "oh she's so tiny". It's not like she's sickly or looks sickly or anything. Not all babies are huge, get a grip people! (no one on here, but people who make this comment)


hrsmith - July 15

I hear you sister!! Only I have the exact opposite problem. My son is 81/2 mo and weighs 21lbs. Both my husband and I are small so i am sure it looks a bit odd to people, but i guess most just don't understand that babies develop differently. Both my hubby and I were chubby babies. NO one ever seems to ask that when discussing my sons weight. I had a hard time with the questions to begin with and sometimes i still get a little frustrated, but now when anyone strikes up a conversation which usually begins with, "how old is he?" i tell them, but i always add my thoughts about him before they even get a chance to say anything. I know i don't over feed my son, because i have researched to make sure. My advice to you (as I am working on this myself because I am not the kind of person who speaks my opinion to others freely) is let them know the facts (or your thoughts) about your child before they even have a chance to say anything. As soon as someone asks my son's age, i immediately reply with it, but then tell them he was born a month early and still weighed 7 lbs. he was born healthy and has stayed healthy. I also mention he was born with his adorable chipmunk cheeks. They have obviously stayed with him. I try not to let it bother me too much, and keep in the back of my mind that most people who make the comments don't even realize they are being rude.


AmandaManns - July 15

My son is 6.5 months old and he weighed 20 lbs 8 oz at his check up and was 28.5 inches long. He is just a big boy, everyone looks at him and thinks he should be walking...but he is just mastering crawling. I have a friend and her little girl is 10 months and only weighs 17 lbs and is 28 inches and she is perfectly healthy. All babies develop differently and just like you are sick of people telling you how small you son is...I am sick of people telling me how huge my son is...I mean he was 10 lbs at birth what do they expect.!!!


kimberley - July 22

my DD was a month early and she weighed 6lb 10oz, she is now 5 months and weighs 17lb's. 13lb's does seem very tiny, and you say he is long.......which would make me think he should be heavier then a shorter baby at this age KWIM? Have you been to the doctor about this? Does he eat well? Is he on solids? If you go by a growth chart and his birth weight, he should be about 18lb's for his age, and if he is longer than average, then should ge closer to 19lb's....my little grandson was on time and weighed 4lb 10oz at birth, very very tiny, but at 7 months he was 17lb's. If the doctor is happy with him, then dont worry...I am sure you have had him checked out.


MyAngelBaby - July 23

My daughter was 7 lb 12 oz and 21 in at birth. At her 7 month check-up (now is 7 1/2 months) she was 19 lb 7 oz and 28 in. Everyone thinks she is a year old. She is just a chunky baby...but we all love it.


BaileysMummy - July 24

My little man is 7 months old and also a little small for his age. His daddy was also skinny with long legs when he was a baby...and he is now 106kg and 6' 5''. Some people do comment that he is little, but he is in proportion and not underweight. I'm sure your son is just as perfect as mine :)



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